The upshot of Terry Trussell’s conviction and 105 month sentence.

Look up Terry Trussell’s case documents at the Dixie County Florida clerk‘s web site. In June a jury found Terry (70) guilty of several counts of impersonation and intimidation of public officers when he sought to get them arrested for a presentment he engineered under the common law or citizens grand jury. Last week the court sentenced him to 105 months in prison.

On the last day of the trial, I wrote this:

Terry Trussell just sent me word that the Jury is out.  His trial started Monday, 6 June 2016, and ended today.

Naturally, Terry hopes they will acquit him of the charges of impersonating a public officer and simulated legal process in a case that has drug on for two years.  Court officials ran Terry off the real Dixie County FL grand jury, and he proceeded to work with the common law grand jury to indict half a score of officials including former governor Charlie Crist and local school board members for their accepting federal bribe money for shoving the Common Core public school curriculum down the throats of the public.

Tomorrow, Terry will busy himself either preparing a civil lawsuit against his antagonists, or getting used to a jail cell, depending upon the Jury’s verdict.

While you sit on the edge of your seat, enjoy the videos posted at fogbow for the pleasure of snarky, sarcastic lawyer types who have, in their typical incognito fashion behaved like spoiled, supercilious high school students by belittling Terry and his attorney Inger Garcia thoroughout the 4-day proceeding.  They pull no punches in expressing their loathing and revulsion for Sovereign Citizens or any patriotic Americans who have taken activist stances against what they consider government corruption.  See the videos here.

As much as I love to hate those fogbow assholes, I really appreciate one of their members’ posting the videos, particularly since none of Terry’s patriot community supporters bothered to do it.

Many liberal elitists chortled with joy at the conviction. But many of a more conservative bent considered it a miscarriage of justice because the common law grand jury’s efforts constituted a first amendment expression of the right to assemble peaceably and to instruct the government and petition for redress. Terry’s legal team hoped to make that point but failed in the effort. One litigation consultant had recommended Terry’s falling on his sword with the “dumbass defense,” confessing wrongdoing because of listening to bad advice from patriot goofballs. His detractors consider Terry a goofball… and criminal, of course. I consider the whole mess TRAGIC.

The upshot: DON’T what Terry did. Common law grand juries have no authority to get people arrested. Instead, push for a constitutional amendment strengthening the powers of grand juries.

Meanwhile, the defense team prepares for an appeal. Time will tell of its effectiveness.

I discovered from a study of the Florida constitutions that government began stripping powers from petit and grand juries when the US government liberated Negroes and gave them the right to vote. About that time governments also stripped victims of crimes of the power to prosecute their own cases against defendants.

You see the issue here? Liberty comes at the price of commensurate responsibility. Anybody who messes with that will have their liberties stripped. Today America has 80 million inhabitants too stupid to graduate from high school. They, welfare recipients, children over 18, indigents, and all manner of non-productive, irresponsible people have voting rights, so long as they are not , felons, or aliens, under 18, or adjudged mentally incompetent. And as voters, they can sit on juries. No wonder government will not allow common law grand juries, and carefully controls statutory petite and grand juries.

To fix this, the electorate must become more responsible. Activists need to lobby the Legislature to change laws to start restricting voting rights to competent people, such as by requiring them to pass a constitution competency test with high marks (80%) prior to swearing any oath to support the constitution. This will keep irresponsible people out of government and off the voter roles and juries. Then government won’t have an objection to reinstating powers of juries.

It would help the productivity of the nation to encourage average and smart families to have more children, and stupid families to stop procreating altogether. It should be a crime for parents knowingly to inflict an innocent baby with lifelong debilitating disease like stupidity, don’t you think?

Author: Bob Hurt

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