Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin aftermath portends more racism-motivated destruction

Yesterday a grand jury reached the same conclusion in the Mike Brown death that the petite jury reached in the Trayvon Martin death:

According to the juries, those two Negro youths needed killing.

Sure, jurors expressed their judgment in terms of the NON-guilt of the NON-Negro killers who acted in either self defense or within the scope of lawful authority. But the investigations brought two salient truths to light. The politically correct have assiduously avoided one of them but no one can avoid the other. American society needs to look carefully at these realities:

  1. The Negro youths themselves bore serious guilt for brutally attacking non-Negroes in performance of their duties of vigilance; the behavior of the youths transcended mere racial hatred into the realm of unfettered stupidity;
  2. The parents of the Negro youths did a terrible job of rearing their children, THOSE PARENTS bear the real guilt, and American society generally bears associated guilt for allowing the conditions of Negro families to become destructive toward civilization.

Let us face the most serious of all the problems, one which no amount of education can cure: at least one half of all Negroes in the USA lack the cognitive ability to graduate from high school. . Educated people of good sense would call that half “stupid.” Stupid people cannot evaluate relative importances accurately, and they make notoriously bad decisions. They gravitate toward crime and welfare abuse to get by. And, unfortunately, our politically correct educators force such children through a phony graduation anyway, in spite of their bad grades and worse behavior

Stupidity smites all races, not just Negroes. But, like it or not, USA Negroes suffer more than do other racial groups from that stupidity. For a good understanding of the factors and numbers, see this article: http://www.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30years.pdf

Too many Negro children in the USA have no decent father at home for all or most of their childhoods. Many parents don’t marry, and of those who do, 70% get divorced. Negro children procreate 20% of Negro babies, and have no ability to care for them. Many if not most Negro mothers tend to denigrate men generally, and sadly, women simply cannot replace men as father figures. Many Negroes have become blindly racist and discuss Caucasians in hateful and spiteful terms. Many Negro boys grow up with a wrong idea of the ideals of manhood, and develop prejudicial and distrustful attitudes against Caucasian men. At the same time, many of them yearn for intimate relations with Caucasian women. About 8% of Negro men choose non-Negro women as mates. Add that to the fact that 10% sit in jail or prison at any given time and many get killed in their youth as a result of gang violence or stupid decisions like those on which Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin acted, and there just aren’t enough Negro men to go around among the available Negro women. That makes it necessary for Negro women to share men. That certainly makes Negro women angry or resentful, and it surely has a deleterious effect on their children.

Clearly, Negro society has some serious problems in the USA, and those problems have an internal cultural cause not imposed by Caucasian exploitation or prejudice. Furthermore, as the riotous behavior in the aftermath of the Brown and Martin jury announcements demonstrates, Negroes generally seem to blame Caucasians for their woes, and they express it by setting fires to cars and businesses, looting, and rampaging.

I have yet to hear any leaders of any racial stripe propose cogent solutions to these problems. I have suggested that regardless of race, irresponsible people (those who don’t graduate from high school or who subsist on welfare) should neither vote nor procreate. I have explained that giving birth to stupid children constitutes a crime against the child and society should demand laws that prevent such crimes through sterilization.

You might not like those suggestions, but the present trends seem headed for disaster as the less intelligent, more irresponsible people of America procreate without restraint, while the smarter families diminish in size because smart parents know better than to produce more kids than they can care for on their incomes. Eventually, in the not too distant future, the more stupid minorities will become the majority. You don’t need a PhD to figure out what impact that will have on the North American civilization.

I see the Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin incidents as bellwethers for the future of interracial conflicts in American society. Cops will have scant ability to restrain the rampaging minority hotheads once they become part of the majority. Far more of those stupid hotheads, with the fires of their intolerance and racial hatred stoked by their mothers and itinerant fathers at home, will seek to batter and murder innocent peacekeepers, community patrols, and whomever they consider targets of opportunity.

Scholar and mathematician La Griffe du Lion analyzed government crime statistics in his 1999 article Crime in the Hood (http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/hood.htm). The math proved that Negros have three times the likelihood of committing a violent crime than Caucasians do, and 64 times the likelihood of committing an act of violence against a Caucasian than vice versa. That might seem sensible because Negro thugs have so many Caucasians from whom to select their victims. But to me it seems a little strange because Negroes tend to live in all- or mostly-Negro communities because inner city neighborhoods become all-black once Negroes start moving in and Caucasians start moving out to avoid the Negroes and their associated family problems and violence.

It seems clear to me that the thuggish behaviors of of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, which they learned well at home and from their adult associates earlier in life, fully justified their killings. The only racist influence on the jury deliberations came from the pressure of government to gratify the blood lust of the Negro communities of America so as to prevent an out and out bloody riot nationwide by angry Negroes for not bringing the matter to the juries. Race did not motivate the jury decisions.

However, racial hatred constituted a large part of the motive of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin in their widely publicized effort to injure their victims. And I believe that kind of hatred will grow and cause much more injury as Caucasians become a minority. America might see a rampage like the Hutu slaughter of nearly a million Tutsis in Burundi and Rwanda as tribal hatred over prejudicial treatment during British rule boiled over after the British left.

I do not expect our current President to lift a finger to stem such a trend before it gets out of hand. Why? Because he and the bulk of Negro society has refused to confess the core problems I have identified in this commentary. No improvement of Caucasian attitude or indifference toward Negroes will fix the Negro racist loathing and disdain for Caucasians, for the cause of the Negro condition lies in bad Negro family structure and low average intelligence of Negroes. Those causes conspire to make it difficult or impossible for many, if not most Negroes to compete effectively for the American dream. That makes them mad as hell. And make no mistake, ALL free people MUST COMPETE for that dream because we don’t live in a total Communist dictatorship yet.

Unless American society does something to eliminate the causes of the trouble, the situation will continue getting ever worse. I know the President and his secretaries have no clue what to do about the wretched Negro condition in America.

But I do. Maybe they should give me a call.

Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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