What good can come of the Michael Brown incident?

I just watched the televised response of Michael Brown Jr. rooters, consisting of his father, Al Sharpton, and some Negro attorneys. All felt prejudiced against the Grand Jury process. They seem to support at least one new law that imposes a practical requirement on law enforcers. They want a law requiring law enforcers to wear body cameras that record all of their interactions with the public. Americans of every race, color, and creed want the same thing because it makes sense. It makes sense because law enforcers across the land abuse innocent people with wrongful traffic stops, unlawful searches and siezures, home invasions, efforts to achieve arrest and traffic ticket quotas wrongfully imposed by police leaders, wrongful efforts by prosecutors to get convictions merely for the prestige of having them as trophies.

But the comments of protest by antagonists of the Michael Brown grand jury process reveal their lack of balanced understanding of the cause and effect of Brown’s death and their deep-seated attitude of unfairness, injustice, and racism. They seem to want to ignore the behavior of Brown which led to his death – he robbed a convenience store and battered the officer who shot him. Officers in fear of their lives do not know whether their assailants possess lethal weapons. Cops wear guns so they can defend themselves against hardened criminals, run-amok drug users, and power-crazed, overgrown teenagers like Michael Brown.

The behavior of others like Michael Brown in the aftermath of his killing justify police crackdowns on marauding Negro communities across America. Immediately after the shooting, Negro rampagers destroyed the convenience store Michael Brown robbed. Negro rampagers looted stores and set fire to at least one car and store that damaged even more property in Ferguson in the aftermath of the Grand Jury refusal to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown.

In other words, that behavior of Michael Brown and the Negro marauders proves that at least that set of Negroes do not respect people’s property rights and that they pose a grave danger to others, regardless of race.

Michael Brown supporters know that he is a robber and a thug who assaulted the policeman who killed him. In spite of this, they use his death as a pathetically illogical justification to go on a rampage and destroy property. Their attitude symbolizes a widespread anti-Caucasian racial hatred in, of, and by the Negro communities across America. They seem to want to complain that law enforcers and prosecutors and grand juries don’t respect the civil rights of Negroes generally. But the neglect to confess that many of those who brutalize or kill or prosecute and convict Negros across the land are themselves Negroes, and that they also brutalize, arrest, kill, and prosecute people of all races in the name of law enforcement. They seem to think racism motivated the Michael Brown killing when in fact justice and self-defense motivated it.

From my perspective, law enforcers constitute a danger to everyone they encounter, not just Negroes. Intelligent people give law enforcers a wide berth and don’t provoke them because cops carry guns they have been trained to use, and they will use the guns on anyone who poses a serious threat to them. People of good sense also know that when a cop tells you to stop or tries arrest you, resisting the cop can result in the resister’s death. What fool does not know this? It seems safe to assume that Michael Brown Jr knew well the danger of armed policemen under threat. And yet he resisted and assaulted Officer Wilson anyway. That suggests Michael Brown was high on drugs or simply over-estimated his physical power, and decided to engage on a pattern of mayhem that led to his robbing the convenience store and attacking Officer Wilson, regardless of the likely consequences.

Why? Perhaps Brown was high on drugs. Perhaps he and his cronies and family members expressed such hatred for law enforcers, resentment for the Negro Condition in America, and disappointment that a man of his physical stature should be so poor he couldn’t afford to buy what he stole at the store. Most likely, he had poor training as a child. Maybe his parents did not realize that they were breeding a lethal weapon who would, at age 18, perpetuate a pattern of criminal behavior that would result in much injury to others unfortunate enough to encounter their son, and inevitably lead to his incarceration or death.

Many questions flood the mind when one learns of incidents like the Brown killing. Did Michael Brown have a prior arrest history? How many people had Michael Brown intimidated or beat up in violent assaults prior to his death? How many prior robberies did he commit? Was he a bully who terrorized weaker children at school or in the community? Did he have the intelligence and discipline to graduate from high school? What kind of family life did he have? Did his parents and peers express resentment, disgust, or hatred for people of other races? Did they express resentment or hatred for government authority? Did his family subsist on food stamps or other forms of welfare? Did Michel Brown grow up with a father at home?

The answers to the above questions will create a profile. If that profile matches profiles of other families across America, law enforcers can expect similar problems from those families, and they should prepare.

Perhaps law enforcers do feel inclined to expect violence and bad behavior from Negroes more than from others, and that might cause cops to respond with violence more readily to Negroes than others. If so, then the problem lies in the Negro family and community, and society can only create a solution there, not by reforming the police. No amount of reformation of the police will stop the rioting, rampaging, looting, burning, and violence in the Negro community that occurred after the Michael Brown killing and Grand Jury no-true-bill announcement.

Former New York City prosecutor and mayor Rudy Guiliani explained that the Negro violence problem in America has become most terrible inside Negro communities. Consider this excerpt from http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/giuliani-stokes-controversy-comments-race:

“Here’s what I’m very frustrated about with Ferguson, and all these situations. These things happen and they are exceptions.The danger to a black child in America is not a white police officer. That’s going to happen less than one percent of the time. The danger to a black child – if it was my child – the danger is another black. I used to look at our crime reduction, and the reason we reduced homicide by 65 percent is because we reduced it in the black community because there is virtually no homicide in the white community. [T]he fact is, I find it very disappointing that you are not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We’re talking about the exception here [in Ferguson]. The white police officers won’t be there if you weren’t killing each other, 70 to 75 percent of the time.”

Obviously, the Negro violence problem originates in Negro families. I don’t expect social scientists to conjecture about the wisdom of using some method like sterilization to diminish the number of Negro families that produce rogues like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Maybe they can devise non-miscegenistic ways of improving the quality of Negro families. I have looked for something like that since 1964. And, law enforcers have their own set of problems that lead to enforcer abuses against the citizenry.

As I see it, society needs to add a few reforms to the constitutions, in order to reduce these problems. The reforms follow the principle that liberty comes at the cost of commensurate responsibility:

  1. Every state should have county grand juries that the counties must fund. The grand juries must operate totally independent of government and should investigate all evidence of crimes, evidence of public officer crimes, presented to them by the citizenry or prosecutor. The grand jury itself should appoint special prosecutor and extra-territorial judge for trying public officers on whom they issue an indictment or presentment.
  2. All prospective parents, voters, and government employees must take and pass a constitution competency test prior to swearing an oath to support the constitutions, becoming a parent, voting, or taking government employment. The higher the position, the harder the test.
  3. The right to procreate extends only to responsible people who can and will support their children at their own expense and train the children in the obligations of citizenship.
  4. Law enforcers must wear activated, tamper-proof body cameras which must record all interactions with the public, and the recordings become inviolate public record.
  5. Abuse of the public trust earns the death penalty.

These reforms will go a long way toward solving the problems that lead to the incarceration and deaths of so many Negro youth in the USA. Those constitute the good that can come of the Michael Brown killing.

Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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