Keiran v Home Capital and Garfield – new Living Lies The Truth comments

To all recipients of Lawmen postings:

Please do visit blog and the web site, and forward those links to your friends and associates, especially those with mortgage problems. I sell nothing on these sites and offer nothing but education.

I have worked assiduously to undo some of the damage Foreclosure Pretense Defense pundit Neil Garfield has done to borrowers with troubled mortgages by giving them bad legal advice and warping the meaning of related laws.

The above linked article shows an example of how I mean to hammer the point home that heeding Garfield’s erroneous legal theories can put borrowers in worse trouble.

I don’t do this by badmouthing Garfield. I do it by showing how the COURTS RULE IN OPPOSITION TO HIS FALSE LEGAL THEORIES.

I believe THOUSANDS of people have read Garfield’s Living Lies blog to their detriment. Help me help those sad souls by spreading the truth.


Creditors beat up borrowers who don’t make payments. They do it by finding the injury, the borrower’s breach of contract, and attacking the borrower in a non-judicial or judicial foreclosure process.

FIND THE INJURY, then ATTACK (settle or sue)

See? Very simple and straight forward. Creditors have foreclosed on millions of defaulting home loan borrowers using that techniques. It works.

I recommend that borrowers use the very same methodology to hold accountable their creditor TEAM (the lender, servicer, title company, mortgage broker, appraiser, realtor, lawyer, or WHOEVER hurt them).

  1. FIND THE INJURY – the typical borrower cannot do this, and must hire a competent professional to examine the loan related documents, including closing papers, appraisal, loan application, correspondence, escrow statements, and court case filings (foreclosure, forbearance, bankruptcy, etc). Injuries to the borrowers underlie about 90% of home loans.
  2. ATTACK – this requires common sense, intelligence, knowledge, and artfulness – typically a task for a competent tort or contract litigation attorney with a history of winning.

If you know of anyone needing help with the above winning methodology, have him call or email me. I don’t hide, and I don’t charge money or deliver any “practitioner” service.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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