History Vindicates The Bell Curve – portent for the USA

Herrnstein and Murray predicted in their seminal 1994 book The Bell Curve, Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life that US society would evolve with little change in IQ differentials between Orientals (Asians), Caucasians (Whites), Chicanos (Hispanics), and Negroes (Blacks). And that has happened as they predicted, except that Asians have widened their gap from Whites. That means you should read this book (click the above link for the pdf), and HEED its soundly mathematics-based lessons.

As my favorite biodiversity pundit Steve Sailer pointed out 3 years ago, America has evolved toward a CASTE society, in keeping with The Bell Curve’s predictions, such that the more cognitive elite merged with the affluent (small wonder) and became ever more isolated from the cognitively disadvantaged (no surprise) who have ever less likelihood of escaping the mire of their condition. That might explain the relative inescapable, self-fulfilling sludge of ghetto and thug life in America’s inner cities and newly spawned ghetto suburbs and exurbs. And of course, there is NO WAY the powerful will yield their power to the utterly undeserving, cognitively inept masses. As I have repeatedly pointed out, fully 25% of the US population has IQ below 85 and are too stupid to graduate from high school, while another 15% is almost as irresponsible, owing to terrible parenting, low IQ, and low ambition to achieve in a lawful enterprise. Unlike the problem of low ambition and bad parenting, from which one can with effort escape through personal striving, no amount of striving will relieve a person of the affliction of innate stupidity.

In other words, All Men Are NOT Created Equal.

So, what do you expect an enlightened society in an advancing civilization to do about the population’s burgeoning ranks of stupid and irresponsible underachievers?

I have said that eventually, the elite must confess the condition of the stupid as interminable, proliferating, and deadly to civilization, and ACT intelligently and benignly to correct it. That means, in a nutshell, government must ultimately enact eugenics laws to outlaw procreation of stupid children (as a crime against humanity) and prevent unmarried people from procreating at all. Why? Because it goes without saying (and yet I’ll say it anyway) that insufficient parenting equals bad parenting and single parents gravitate toward poverty which means their children get insufficient education in how to become an upstanding, responsible adult because the single parent constitutes such a bad example simply by having no spouse to share in the child rearing experience. And in most cases, the single parent bears a serious grudge against the would-be spouse, and typically denigrates the opposite sex to the child in such a way as to poison the child’s thinking about loyalty of spouses and parents to one another. And NOTHING, absolutely nothing adversely influences a child more than the disloyalties of his adult associates.

Race statistician Richard Lynn revealed in his book The Global Bell Curve – Race IQ and Inequality Worldwide (2008) that The Bell Curve‘s analysis and prediction applied worldwide, not just in the USA. The bottom line: people are created UNEQUAL, especially in intelligence, some being vastly superior to others.

One obvious fact should seem apparent without saying – that intelligence, as measurable by standardized IQ tests, is the primary, NUMBER ONE, factor of importance in individual socioeconomic achievement and in building an advanced civilization. As much as proponents of Black Lives Matter, La Raza, and other race promoting groups hate to admit it, the USA exists because smart WHITE propertied men made it so. They crafted the founding documents and organic laws of the nation, and met as state delegates to endorse the Declaration of Independence and Constitution after lengthy heated debates of the merits of nearly every single provision.

The founders and American leaders who followed in their steps acknowledged the contributions of white men to fulfillment of the American dream of what I call “Liberty for Responsible People.” Beginning in the 19th century, “Manifest Destiny” became the rallying cry for the US expansion to the west coast of the continent, an land acquisition effort that including the conquest or land purchase against England and Spain and Seminoles in Florida, France and England in Louisiana, Mexico in Texas, and Mexico in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, much other land north of those areas, against Britain in Oregon and Washington and other northern states, and against Britain in Hawaii and Russia in Alaska.

What is Manifest Destiny? It is the doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable, and it definitely challenges the notion that all men are created equal. Although ideally people in non-US areas should petition for statehood, foreign adversaries learned that they must either sell their claims to the USA or Americans, meaning the white race, would take it by conquest because it was their manifest destiny to have the land from coast to coast. Wikipedia says this about it:

Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

2 thoughts on “History Vindicates The Bell Curve – portent for the USA”

  1. Just because I didn’t mention God in my comments does not mean I left him out. We are God’s agents on this world, to the extent we decide to do his will. it seems clear to me that God intends that we evolve our civilizations to an advanced state in which the people of the world operate in local states under one planetary government, where commerce is not the basis of the economic system, where the gene pool has been purged of inferior, defective people through benign eugenics programs, and where people balance their days by spend part in self-improvement, part in self-maintenance, and part in helping others. It seems clear that nationalism is the cause of wars. Therefore, only a one-world government will eliminate that cause.

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