Florida Supreme Court Disciplines Scammer Neil Garfield

I have explained and complained for years that Neil Garfield functions like the pied piper of foreclosure defense and then does not deliver what clients need because he depends on a business model that requires lawyers knowingly to lead clients into the jaws of foreclosure by only PRETENDING to defending them while charging them monthly fees that ought to go to mortgage payments.

Now, as the Supreme Court of Florida has pointed out (see below news story), Garfield has practiced bilking his clients by overcharging, not delivering what clients pay for, not returning money, stonewalling, and so on. I consider that the tip of the iceberg because as the Maslanka case documents prove, Garfield submits frivolous nonsense that end up with his clients getting ordered to pay opposing counsel’s legal fees. And he has given clients and readers who foolishly hang on his every word terribly wrong ideas about the meaning of the 2015 SCOTUS opinion in the Jesinoski TILA Rescission case.

Sorry, Neil, but I believe the Florida Supremes should disbar you, and clients like Maslanka should sue you for legal malpractice. You never should have come out of retirement for you have cost truth-hungry mortgagors in default millions in lost real estate because you never taught them how to what you don’t know: attack the validity of the loan transaction, not of the foreclosure.


Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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