Stereotypical Negro Teen Loses Arm in Sneaker Robbery

Example of epidemic Negro street crime

– A Brooklyn, NY, Negro teen thug buying expensive Jordan Air sneakers in Craigslist seller’s SUV STEALS the sneakers at gunpoint and walks away. Seller does U-turn and runs over the thief, severing the thief’s arm. Thief now in hospital near death; seller now in jail.

Naturally, the news media omits from the story the Negroid nature of both seller and thief. But the video shows their race.

This, like the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin incidents, shows the terrible state of most Negro families where mothers have no decent husband at home to serve as role model and disciplinarian to sons and daughters who grow up as thugs. It also shows the origin of the ghetto Negro stereotype that leads Caucasians to fear and shun Negroes, and hold them in low esteem generally.

American society operates on a laissez faire basis, where cops don’t intervene until someone commits a crime. So, they ignore early warning signals of incipient thuggery in troubled teens, particularly Negro teens. Furthermore, the law punishes parents who beat their children in an effort to discipline troubled children. So by the time the law intervenes, it has become involved too late to prevent the crimes that typify Negro thug life.

This nationwide epidemic of Negro teen thuggery desperately needs a prevention model. Otherwise, the intended victims will more and more take retributive action and murder or run down thugs as in the above incident.

Clearly, government should remove such thugs from society either by killing them or by rehabilitating and retraining them. It seems evident to me that prevention can come only in the form of a rigorously enforced laws that do the following, regardless of race, color,or creed:

  1. Require parent and spouse training prior to authorizing marriages
  2. Prohibit procreation out of wedlock
  3. Liberally employ sterilization – temporary for the indigent, welfare recipients, and the unmarried, and permanent for violent felons, those habitually indigent or on welfare, and people of IQ too low to graduate from high school)
  4. Allow parental control of offspring under 26 who live with them
  5. Penalize parents for failing to control their children
  6. Provide correction centers (e.g., FEMA camps) for straightening out crooked teens before they start committing serious crimes, and that retrain parents who have failed to discipline and control their children
  7. Impose permanently slavery or the death penalty upon incorrigibles.

While the above proposal may seem draconian, victims of violent crimes rightly see the criminal behavior as even more draconian. Furthermore, welfare has become the equivalent of a bribe to encourage the so-called needy not to victimize the people around them to improve their quality of life, as though there’s something wrong with the poverty people choose for themselves.

I see nothing wrong with poverty. But people who cannot feed, clothe, and house themselves should not have children, period. So prospective parents who choose lives of poverty should never become or remain parents. As I see it, they have the right to live in poverty themselves, but not to inflict it upon children. Because of the emotional trauma of removing children from bad or impoverished parents, society should impose laws that mandate a certain standard of intelligence, education, productivity for all prospective parents, so as to guarantee that neither the parents nor the children ever become wards of the state or subsist on welfare.

Our criminal justice system should not operate like a bribe to keep criminals from victimizing. As I see it, society should exterminate forthwith all prisoners whom the warders cannot both rehabilitate and, during rehabilitation, convert into economically viable slaves.

The training and sterilization program I propose above will effectively eliminate impoverished families within a couple of generations, and diminish street crimes dramatically. That will drive up American productivity, increase the GNP, and decrease the financial drain on infrastructures.

Those reading this who disagree with my proposed solutions should feel free to craft and publish their own solutions.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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