Chart reveals Shocking Increase in Bozos

The USA’s clinically stupid have IQ below 85 and lack the cognitive ability to graduate from a 1950’s vintage high school. This genetic affliction actually has a criminal aspect for two reasons:

  1. The intentional infliction of a life-long debilitating disease upon an innocent person constitutes a crime in any civilized land, and yet the stupid of America inflict the lifelong debilitating disease of stupidity upon their children, making them stupid merely by procreating them.
  2. The stupid behave stupidly and thereby gravitate to crime in order to get by, and they overburden education, health care, criminal justice, and other infrastructures; additionally, to the extent government allows it, they subsist partially from welfare benefits.

Sadly, no law prohibits the stupid from having a say in government. It stands to reason that immigrating and procreating the stupid without restraint will eventually make the stupid the majority of voters. They will reliably vote stupidly to elect demagogues and corrupt politicians who will rob from productive people in order to give various forms of welfare to the stupid, essentially making the productive the slaves of the non-productive.

The average IQ of USA racial groups:

  • 115 Ashkenazi Jews
  • 105 Asians (6% of the population)
  • 100 Caucasians (65% of the population)
  • 90 Mestizos generally (15% of the population)
  • 87 Mexicans
  • 85 Negroes (14% of the population)

The approximate numbers of stupid people

  • 35 million Caucasians
  • 22 million Mestizos
  • 23 million Negroes
  • 80 million Stupid People in USA, Total

The fastest growing racial groups:

  • Asians to escape oppressive government or racking poverty
  • Negroes through welfare benefits encourage unrestrained procreation
  • Mestizos through immigration and welfare benefits that encourage procreation

These facts portend an even more shocking increase in USA Bozos in the years to come, because of open borders, civilizationally suicidal quotas allowing the wrong people to immigrate, ridiculous welfare benefits for the stupid without imposition of any test or responsibility, and unrestrained procreation of and by the stupid out of wedlock.

We need:

  1. Mandatory constitution competency testing for all who vote or work for government
  2. Demonstration of financial responsibility as a qualification for voting
  3. Law to criminalize and prevent procreation of or by the stupid
  4. IQ and productivity testing for all immigrants
  5. Rock solid border system to terminate illegal immigration.

Demand these changes from your legislators under penalty of termination, UNLESS you want to witness a further SHOCKING INCREASE IN BOZOS.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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