Citizen’s Guide

On 2015-01-05 11:02, alec wrote:

Greetings Bob, ALEC (persona ficta) here. How are you doing? 
I am fairly new to the entrance of my true freedom. 
Now I have heard things and can clearly see 
Individual Sovereignty has been so much propagated 
and manipulated it sickens me.
Now I am 23 years old and my generation at least 
in my area of FL is ridiculed by homeless alcoholics 
and drug dependant junkies. 
All due to greed, wealth segregation & enslavement. 
I do not judge by any means and feel I
 need to take a stand not only for myself, 
but for not only mine, but future generations. 
It is clear the dark side has an agenda that 
thru justice shall not prevail. 
My goal which is only to help others know the truth 
and live free as intended, not to be used as cattle 
or a source of revenue. I will be upfront Bob 
I need guidence. Where do I begin as far as 
specific forms in order (if possible). 
I actually work [near] the Perkins you had 
a seminar at in 2012 which almost made me 
feel led to ask for your help. 
Thank You & Look Foward to speaking further. 

Alec (and other readers):

We become sovereign citizens by exercising the sovereignty remaining after delegating other sovereignty to government.  We delegate it simply by living in the USA and not rebelling against government.  We have lots of sovereignty remaining. We exercise that by learning the law, becoming disposed to using it, by coordinating politically with our fellow citizens, and by doing our best to become educated, marry the perfect spouse, and rear a passel of kids, teaching them the principles of integrity, good family and community relations, responsibility, and reasonable self-sufficiency.

You can subscribe to my e-letter (Lawmen) and browse the archives if you want to see other things I have written.

I encourage you to stay away from patriot myth mongers who want to sell you books and videos and forms on all the stuff you can do to get out of the system or express your sovereignty through violence or disobedience to constitutional laws.

Focus on these well-established means of exercising citizenship, and encourage others to do the same:

  1. Do your best to memorize the US Constitution and Florida Constitution.
  2. Study the Annotated US Constitution so you will know how the US Supreme Court views the meaning of its provisions.
  3. Learn how to look up state and federal laws/statutes, and refer to them when you want to know the law.
    1. Florida Laws enacted by legislature
    2. Florida Statutes – codified laws
    3. Florida Administrative Code
    4. US Statutes at Large, searchable
      1. 1951 to present, by Congress
      2. From the beginning – privately scanned and OCRed
    5. US Code
    6. Code of Federal Regulations
  4. Realize that the law means what the highest court of jurisdiction says it means. Read appellate decisions in order to clarify
    1. Go to Google Scholar and select federal/Florida courts, then look up any law or topic and read the court opinions.
  5. Write letters to newspapers and public officials reporting on bad things you witness and demanding obedience to the Constitutions and laws
  6. Actively campaign for political candidates of choice, and encourage your fellows to learn and vote intelligently.
  7. Learn about the power of Juries, then contact the local county clerk and volunteer for jury duty.
  8. Keep yourself out of harm’s way, and surround yourself with intelligent, well-educated people.
  9. Resolve disputes non-violently to the extent possible, starting with reasonable debate, discussion with those who influence your adversary, and as a next-to-last resort, litigation; remember that if you must ever opt for violence, you cannot prevail except through proper preparation, training, arms, strategy, confederates, evasion, stealth, and escape.
  10. Learn to Negotiate – this can include litigation; you can find many good books on the subject
  11. Learn to litigate. Memorize, if possible, the rules of court and evidence code so you can develop the ability to litigate without an attorney
    1. Florida Rules of Court Procedure (civil, criminal, appellate, family, administration, probate, small claims, traffic)
    3. Federal Rules of Evidence
    4. Federal Rules of Court Procedure Appellate, Civil, Criminal, Bankruptcy
    5. Purchase the Jurisdictionary course to learn the basics of Civil Litigation
  12. Learn other strategies for resolving conflicts
    1. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
    2. Carl von Clausewitz’s On War
    3. Comparison of Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz
    4. Principles of Military Strategy & Tactics
    5. See the Art of Battle in action, through animated strategy maps
    6. Mao’s Principles of Guerilla Warfare
  13. Learn weapons techniques, safety, and laws, get training in usage, arm yourself, and defend the Constitutions against foreign and domestic enemies, always in keeping with the law, to the extent possible – remember that law and ethics only matter to the living.
  14. Become as self-sufficient as possible, building and caching reserves of food, weapons, money, gems, and bullion for emergency.
  15. Become community-conscious, organizing your family and neighbors for emergency action.

Feel free to contact me for an academic discussion on any topic.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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