NYC Mayor doesn’t understand cause of race and crime problems

Former Mayor Rudi Giuliani made this statement on Fox News last Sunday:

“I think just as much, if not more, responsibility is on the black community to reduce the reason why the police officers are assigned in such large numbers to the black community. It’s because blacks commit murder eight times more per capita than any other group in our society.”

Responding in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said “I think he fundamentally misunderstands the reality.” Maybe de Blasio considers himself more of an expert than Giuliani on racial reality because, well, look at de Blasio’s family – Negro wife, mulatto son and daughter.

Of course, that does not mean de Blasio understands the reality. Why? Because his family has a Caucasian man at its head, and the preponderant majority of New York Negro families don’t. In fact, most have no father at all at home. And THAT constitutes one of the main reasons for Negro violence and crime in New York, a problem that Giuliani diminished dramatically during his 8 years as Mayor 20 years ago because he did understand reality way back then.

Bill de Blasio complained that he has to have a serious talk with his son Dante about the danger of police to Negroes generally and to Dante specifically, just because of Negroid features. De Blasio meant that he considers police prejudiced against Negroes because law enforcers expect Negroes to cause trouble, get into fights, and commit crimes. He probably won’t tell Dante that the expectation has nothing to do with prejudice, but everything to do with reality.

That expectation of Negro crime seems well-founded on reality. In point of fact, Negroes cause a lot of trouble across America, ranting, rioting, rampaging, protesting, killing, dealing drugs, beating others up, or knocking them out just for fun or out of seething anger over racial inferiority they simply cannot fix. For examples, see the news reports on the riotous Negro rampaging after the juries had spoken regarding the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. According to them, two needed killing and the third brought it on himself – the killers did nothing illegal. De Blasio would do well embrace those Negro realities like Giuliani did. For, only by embracing them will he have the understanding necessary to deal effectively with the Negro problem in NYC.

Guiliani had pointed out in a November Fox News interview that he reduced homicides 65% by reducing the murder rate in Negro communities. He said 75% of the crimes happen in Negro communities. For that reason he put many more police in Negro communities, based on statistics alone. That should lead the honest observer to see him as him pragmatic and effective, not as a “White Supremacist.” He seems to have solved most of the problem of Negro murders that way.

But both Giuliani and de Blazio could take such observations a step further to find the underlying causes. I see the causes as follows:

  1. Stupidity – half the Negro population of the USA lacks the cognitive ability to graduate from a normal, non-dumbed-down high school – Negro average IQ sits at 84 to 85, compared to Caucasian average IQ of 100. One needs an 85 IQ to graduate from high school. The stupid gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by. Procreation of a stupid child constitutes a crime against the child. Those who don’t graduate from high school suffer from stupidity, or lack of motivation or…
  2. Lack of Guidance at Home – 70% of Negro children have no father at home, so the male children get little, no, or poor guidance in how to behave like a responsible, humane man. Negro families have become largely matriarchal. Negro matriarchs typically express their resentment against their babies’ daddies and men generally as losers, philanderers, and deadbeats, thereby imparting a negative self image in their male children.
  3. Welfare Abuse – Many if not most single-mother families of all races, particularly Negro families, live in poverty and subsist at least partly on welfare. This creates a criminal, “you owe it to me” entitlement mentality in both the parent and the children. And that criminal mentality spawns further crimes in an effort to take unearned money and benefits by force or fraud.

The general Negro lack of cognitive ability and decent family structure makes it impossible for Negroes as a whole, including US Negroes, to create or maintain an advanced civilization, and it makes most of them a net burden on the more capable. And that means the Negro racial group sits inferior to other substantial US racial groups from the civilization-building stand point. One look at the Negro societies of sub-Sahara Africa will corroborate that point.

While the reader might loathe me for making that assessment, the reader can provide no credible research that refutes it. And one must confront that reality in order to see the causes of the problem of Negro crime clearly and devise a humane fix for them. It makes sense to do this because Negro crime overburdened police departments across the New York City, and in cities across the land of the free.

You see, it just will not do for mayors to implement programs like Giuliani did, of sending in more cops to patrol Negro communities. That deals with symptoms, but does not solve the cause of the problem. It only makes the problem less apparent, and it costs a fortune while driving the thugs outside the Negro community to commit their crimes. Furthermore it only lasts until a less competent mayor takes over.

To cure the above 3 causes of the Negro Crime problem (and other problems as well), I propose a set of state constitution amendments that belong on every ballot in every election from now until they get implemented:

  1. All schools provide mandatory training in mate selection, spousal responsibilities to one another, parenting, managing a household.
  2. People must graduate from a standard academic high school and pass those courses in order to marry.
  3. People must marry and have the means to support children without financial assistance outside the extended family in order to procreate.
  4. Children of low, average, and high IQ must attend corresponding schools. Those of one group do not socialize or attend classes with those of any other group.

This set of simple solutions has nothing to do with racial issues, but it will affect all racial groups in a positive way. It will go a long way toward equalizing them intellectually. It will raise the average IQ dramatically. It will eliminate most objections to interracial marriages. Crime, cost of lost productivity, and cost of police, criminal justice, prisons, welfare, education, and health care will diminish concomitantly.

Best of all, the above amendments will restore the concept of liberty with commensurate responsibility to the soul of the USA.

Sure, enforcement of the laws required to implement the above solution-set will annoy a lot of people because it will seem to encumber their personal liberty. To them I say this:

Take a look at the laws against bank robbery and stabbing your mother in the eye with an ice pick. Those encumber your liberty too. But they do so for a very good reason – robbery and stabbing hurt the victims terribly. So does procreation of a stupid child cause terrible harm to the child and many of those with whom the child will interact. So do crimes of children raised in broken homes hurt victims terribly. So does welfare abuse hurt the taxpayers terribly. These new man-made laws that I propose above will put teeth back into the natural Law of Survival of the Fittest (SOF). Get used to it.

Let us not forget that SOF allowed the evolution of the US / European civilization. However, US Government defanged SOF by liberating slaves without preparing them for citizenship, eliminating eugenics programs, putting half the population on some kind of welfare program, letting irresponsibles vote, and imposing no restrictions on procreation of the stupid by the stupid. Axiomatically, a society that defangs a natural law like SOF should enact laws that preserve its benefits. In this case, defanging SOF has allowed a huge population of unfit people to evolve in the USA – 25% of the population lacks the intelligence to graduate from a proper high school, and another huge percentage has become almost as feckless and irresponsible because of bad parenting.

Implementing my proposed solution above will cause most of that 25% of stupid people to disappear as they die natural deaths; people will procreate very few in their category. That will dramatically increase the USA Gross Domestic Product and make it far more competitive against nations with considerably smarter gene pools like Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and China. When it comes to civilization building, smarter seems better than the alternative, doesn’t it?

To children I say this:

If you can’t graduate from high school, you have no business at all procreating, so refrain from hetero sex or use condoms till you can get a vasectomy or tubal ligation. Maximize your education while young. Don’t marry till you get a training on your obligations as a spouse and parent. Don’t procreate till you can afford to support the family without both parents working outside the home. Do everything possible to avoid having to depend on public assistance.

Liberty comes at the cost of commensurate responsibility. Flout that axiom if you want to worsen horrible crime problems every metropolis mayor has to deal with.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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