Nationalism,Violence, Liberty, Responsibility

George Orwell wrote in his 1945 essay on Nationalism this denunciation of pacifists:

Those who “abjure” violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf.

He pointed out the utter hypocrisy of nationalism, a feeling, normally unjustified, that one and one’s cause stand absolutely superior to all others. The above quote symbolizes that hypocrisy.

We live under the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitutions and enforced by operatives and employees of our limited constitutional republican governments which the founders, in their wisdom, never intended as a democracy. And filthy rich, powerful people control those in government.

And those governments have in fact committed, and do in fact commit, and will in fact continue to commit, violence, allegedly on our behalf, here in the US of A, and in many other places around the world. I advise against feeling nationalistic at all about that violence.

Government will readily visit that violence upon YOU at the slightest provocation. And so will the brigands, serial killers, thieves, robbers, and politicians who roam the land in search of loot, booty, easy prey, and victims.

Now for an aside about Miss Resine Darkly. I do not know Resine personally, having never met her face to face, but I have communicated with her through social media and caught bits and pieces of her story. Resine, a pregnant teenager, claims to suffer from PTSD because some male she encountered socially raped and impregnated her. She intends, unmarried and with no education beyond high school, and no reliable or sufficient source of income or support, to give birth to the baby and rear the child “on her own.”

Resine has absolutely NO CLUE about nationalism and its serious danger to civilized societies. She has no grasp of the reality that nationalism causes wars of every kind. She lives in a shell-shock horror of her own making and denies all responsibility for her worsening condition which will become more of a nightmare for her, the baby, and whoever lives around or with her. Why? Because she defiantly makes wrong decisions and insists she bears no blame for what has happened to / with her.

Resine lives in her own feminist-inspired La-La-Fantasy-Land of “I don’t need a man” nationalism. She has become determined to force the world around her to accept it, and to swallow her theory that victims of rape bear no responsibility whatsoever for putting themselves in harm’s way, not using birth control, etc. Well, that might be politically correct as a theory, and it might comport with law, but it certainly does not comport with reality. Otherwise we’d have no law against rape, would we?

You see? We find nationalism lurking EVERYWHERE, especially in the minds and behavior of clueless, irresponsible teenagers.

Let us return for a moment to the quotation above. You abjure violence only because others commit violence for you. That’s the main idea of government. It visit violence on people who disobey the law or who threaten the security of the citizenry. And it grows exceptionally violent with any who threaten force against or resist government operatives.

But what happens when those operatives fail to commit necessary violence for you? Should you have the right to have at hand the necessary tools for defending yourself against those who would breach your rights? Should you have the power and right to visit retribution on those who failed to commit necessary violence on your behalf? The courts say no to that.

These questions make nationalism irrelevant in respect of a nation. But they show the importance of people putting their own self-interest ahead of those government operatives who shirk their duty to commit violence in defense of the people’s rights? Without such violence what does the loyalty mean which all government operatives and voters must swear before performing government duties or voting?

I suppose Orwell, through his books and essays, makes the point that the people bear ultimate responsibility for their governments. I shall make his implicit point that in a nation where more than half the electorate has become stupid, ignorant, preoccupied, disloyal to the Constitution, or otherwise irresponsible, the government must as a consequence become a hotbed of corruption because it will contain politicians who pander to the irresponsible so as to get elected.

If and when that condition arises in America, who will commit violence on your behalf, and what will you do about it when they don’t?

I personally believe nationalism is hypocrisy. Somewhere, somehow, people must stop seeing themselves as the superior group, and develop responsibility commensurate with the liberties they enjoy. The must become committed to doing what they genuinely consider the “right” thing. Members of an advanced civilization must see with its eyes open and frankly face the realities of political responsibility. At the same time, the responsible must find ways to deny suffrage to the irresponsible, lest the civilization dwindle into 3rd world status.

While you ponder this fundamental principle, that liberty goes to the responsible, and the most liberty goes to the most responsible, and the most responsible expend the necessary resources to amass power so they can exercise responsibility, also ponder this:

Who controls the suffrage machinery in America – the political parties, the advertising, the lobbying, the fund-raising, the polling process, and the actual voting machines? And why haven’t others committed necessary violence to prevent those in control from making your vote meaningless?

Whoever controls it has certainly exercised more responsibility than YOU have. Think about that before you complain about our rigged elections.

The cream rises to the top, all right. By brute, RESPONSIBLE, force.

Think about it, then ACT. Become part of the solution, or remain part of the problem.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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