Immigrant wins $30K in court over $40 purchase (Could happen to YOU)! (link fixed)

Want an[other] Honest Way to Make a Living?

If you do, LEARN TO LITIGATE. Let’s face it. SAVING a huge loss gives the same result as making a HUGE WIN. And, learning to litigate the right way can make you a WINNER!

Here’s a story of a sue-happy immigrant who beat the snot out of Joe Average American in court, winning a $30,000 judgment over the Craigslist purchase of a $40 printer he claimed never worked right.

Obviously, Joe Average American needs to learn HOW TO WIN IN COURT.

Well, now he can do it without going to law school. Attorney Frederick Graves has vastly improved his on-line training course over the CD course he once sold as Jurisdictionary. The new and improved course ROCKS! So, SIGN UP today. You never know when you might want it or need it.


“I HATE that How to Win in Court on-line course. I just lost three, no, FOUR clients because of it. I used to bilk my clients out of hundreds of dollars per hour, AND pad the bill with copying and travel costs to pay my bar tab. Now that the clients have taken that course, they started winning in court on their own, so they don’t need me any more. Dammit!”
Dr. Y. Ganuro Schmutz, Esq., MCSBSDD *

* MCSBSDD = Master of Cork Screwing, Back Stabbing, and Dirty Dealing. Of COURSE this does not constitute a real degree, real title, real name, or real testimonial. But, you get the idea, don’t you? The whole course costs less than ONE HOUR of typical crooked lawyer time. Sign up now. DO IT.

Yes, I reissued this message in order to fix a wrong link. PLEASE forward THIS message AS-IS, far and wide.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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