Proof that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t matter, and apparently neither do some black lives

Black Lives Matter activist kills himself on steps of Ohio statehouse

Washington Post

A prominent young Ohio activist killed himself on the steps of the statehouse Monday. MarShawn M. McCarrel II, a leading member of the state’s Black Lives Matter movement, shot himself outside the capitol’s entrance at around 6 p.m.

———————– End of Excerpt —————

I don’t believe the above article needs much explanation.  This fool MarShawn executed himself to show that Black Lives Matter.  Apparently they didn’t matter much to him.  He showed himself an idiot, not a martyr.  He couldn’t find anyone else willing to take his matterless life, so he took it himself.  You see the irony, right?  If his life didn’t matter to Caucasians (the putative enemy), one of them would have killed him long ago.  The matter of his life was never the issue.  He, his ideas, and his activities didn’t matter enough to anyone to justify killing him.  And apparently, he had better sense than to rob, loot, pillage, plunder, and riot, so no cops decided to kill him either.  He didn’t matter enough to be killed, and he just could not stand that, so he killed himself.  Like I said.  Idiot.

And I am one of the few people to notice that no Negro activist can lay a guilt trip on Caucasians by killing himself. Few have tried it, and it has never worked. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi knew that.  You have to stay alive in order to annoy and shame your putative oppressor.

As far as I know, no sensible American has ever claimed that Negro lives simply and absolutely do not matter.  So creating an activist organization with the name “Black lives matter” was simply and absolutely stupid.  Just about as stupid as creating the Black Panthers organization with no intent other than to hurt Caucasians.

Let’s get honest here.  Racial stereotypes exist for a sound reason.  They typify commonly observable characteristics of racial groups. Every racial group has its stereotypes.  People of all races have commented on the Negro stereotype they have observed in inner city ghettos:  I don’t know a name for it, but it boils down to Obnoxious Negro Thuggery.

That stereotype includes Negro flash mobs that rush into stores to steal goods and rush out, rioters who burn cars and set fires to buildings over some presumed outrage, the knockout game by Negro thugs where non-Negroes become the majority victims, countless car jackings, burglaries, rapes, robberies, muggings, and murders by Negro thugs and gang members, fatherless Negro children matriarchal households, Negro women procreating children without restraint in order to bleed the welfare system, all while belligerently insisting they have the God-given right to food stamps, section 8 housing, and other forms of welfare, hypocritically calling one another “Nigger” while daring any non Negro to refer to a Negro as “Nigger,” wearing jailbird attire including low slung baggy pants with underwear showing, wearing ball caps at an angle, installing gold caps on teeth just for show, walking around in untied sneakers, wearing hoodies to disguise their identities, inventing jailbird music like hiphop and rap, having a big chip on the shoulder, and twerking.

Just to name a few.

Of COURSE many Negroes do NOT fit that stereotype.  But so many do fit it as to seem comical, and even disgusting and loathsome to many, if not most, non-Negroes.

And, OF COURSE, most Caucasians do not fit the stereotype of “cracker,” trailer-trash, skinhead, or redneck.  But many do, and that might seem disgusting and loathsome to Negroes and people of other races.

People of disparate racial groups should try to make coexistence tolerable, not wretched.  I know few non-ghetto Cauasians who can tolerate the presence of ghetto Negro behavior – they generally do their best to avoid it as much as ghetto Negroes try to put that behavior in their faces.

The problem with the Black Lives Matter slogan and organization lies in its assumption that Negroes who get themselves killed by police, or by Caucasians in self defense, did nothing to deserve it, and that the killers hated them only because of their Negroid characteristics, possibly the ghetto Negro stereotype.  Most Negroes whom law enforcers have killed deserved it, and nearly all could have avoided it with sensible behavior.  The real problem:  Negro organizers and leaders don’t do enough to spotlight and discourage ghetto behavior by which Negroes put themselves in harm’s way among people who fear them, dislike their stereotypical behavior, and distrust them.

Most mothers with any common sense teach their children to behave politely around police and when out in public.  But the ghetto Negro stereotype seems to mandate loud, boisterous, rude, obnoxious, insulting, disrespectful behavior, as though to get others to notice and despise them.  Ghetto parents seem to teach their children to mouth off at adults who try to correct their misbehavior.  Such children might say “You not my mf-ing mama, you can’t tell me what to do.”

If Negro lives really mattered to Negro parents and organizers of the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, etc, they would teach Negro children to behave respectfully to others, not to rob and loot and destroy, but rather to protect property, not to beat one another, but to protect one another, not to act rude and noisy, but to comport themselves with dignity, perhaps so as to set a good example for any Caucasians or Hispanics in the vicinity.

But they don’t.  So obviously, Black Lives Don’t Matter that much, not to those hypocritical organizers and leaders of Negro civil rights groups.  Because, clearly it is that obnoxious behavior, not the fact of being black, that gets so many Negroes killed.  And the self execution of the fool MarShawn McCarrel constitutes a prime example of obnoxious behavior calculated to get the wrong kind of attention.

America will face terrible difficulties with Muslims in the coming months and years, especially because of having allowed so many to immigrate from the Mideast.  And with those Muslims comes their craving for unconstitutional Islamic social regulation, and the pressure to change our laws and constitutions to accommodate Shari’a law.  Muslims will proselytize Negroes aggressively, beginning in the prisons, then in Negro communities, particularly inner city ghettos, because so many Negroes there feel such animosity against Caucasians as the source of all their problems. And Islam is a religion of underdog rebellion that spreads by warfare to the lower classes of people who feel angry at the more affluent folks, as though someone beside themselves bears responsibility for their poverty. Ghetto Negroes already represent a terrible dilemma for law enforcers, and the outlying citizenry who become victims of ghetto Negro street crimes.  When those ghetto Negroes begin to embrace Islam in large numbers, many will decide to become violent jihadists who will rape, rob, riot, and brutalize as badly as or worse than the Muslim immigrants do now in Europe and Scandinavia.

The time has come for Negro leaders and organizers to exert their influence in an effort to reform the thinking of ghetto Negroes, showing them that their lives really do matter, so that they don’t get slaughtered in alarming numbers by those who will oppose their jihadism in the future.

Negro activists and leaders will reform the intolerably bad behavior of inner cities ghetto Negroes if they think Black Lives Matter.  Otherwise, the activists just blow hot air to get attention they don’t deserve because they believe Black lives don’t matter at all.


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