Why you should humiliate most food-stampers

Humiliation – a pretty powerful motivator. Use it on able people who steal or scam through food stamps by intentionally remaining unemployed, giving up, bartering for drugs or booze, or living large. Why? Because they do it at your expense.

In a recent incident at Wal-Mart, a woman berated a man with a child who used food stamps to buy food. If everyone berated him, he might take responsibility enough to provide for his family on his on, AND stop procreating children he cannot support on his own.

Yeah, I know all kinds of people face all kinds of difficulty in life, and have to depend on charity. But welfare of every kind constitutes robbery, or legalized plunder, not charity. And it is crooked.

Why does government steal from productive people and give to non-productive people? Because left on their own, many of the more stupid and worthless of the non-productive would resort to crime in order to get by. For those, the food stamps and section 8 housing is just a bribe to forestall criminal behavior, and many, if not most welfare recipients are criminal on top of the crime of taking welfare from government.

Where SHOULD the needy get what they need? From neighbors. That’s good old All-American down-home CHARITY.

The point here: Intelligent people refuse to give charity to people who act like they deserve it, who abuse it by wasting it on non-essentials like expensive steak and lobster when rice and beans or chicken would do AND stretch the charity further.

Most people feel humiliated by accepting charity from neighbors, and they do their best to get back on their feet and become self sufficient. They SHOULD feel humiliated because that motivates them to manage their lives better.

Government removes the neighbor factor from welfare. It steals money from the productive and give it to the non-productive whom the robbery victims do not know. That means the robbery victims won’t police or observe how the welfare recipient uses the welfare benefits. And that is why so many welfare recipients waste the benefit – letting their section 8 homes go to ruin, vandalizing other welfare recipients, trading food stamps for drugs, and buying uneconomically.

Government feels sorry for welfare recipients and so does not want them to feel humiliated.

I say the time has come to start humiliating EVERYONE on welfare. Denounce them as crooks, deadbeats, wasters, lazy bums, and losers who expect something for nothing. If they had any integrity, they would go out and BEG for handouts from people who know them or operate in or near their community. If you are a neighbor of a welfare recipient, humiliate him for relying on legalized plunder and encourage him to ask around for donations while showing evidence of conservation, efforts to become employed, and diligent care for his property.

And many would find that so humiliating that they would strive to become gainfully employed and off of welfare.

Also, go to your legislators and demand that they support laws strictly limiting welfare for the lazy, for substance abusers, etc. If families cannot feed their children, they should not procreate more children, so push for laws that mandate sterilization of both males and females as the price of receiving welfare of any kind, including sterilization of any unmarried fecund children of the welfare recipient. And require repayment of the cost of the sterilization.

When in doubt, HUMILIATE. Don’t let welfare recipients get the idea that they DESERVE a handout. They don’t. And if they start feeling guilty for subsisting on welfare, GOOD. They need to learn how to ask neighbors, not government, for charity, and how to put their children up for adoption if they cannot support them. Children of professional welfare recipients grow up to become criminals, often subsisting on welfare themselves.

America, the land of opportunity, should have NO professional welfare mothers and NO professional welfare fathers. NO, NOT EVEN ONE.

So do your part. Humiliate every one you see every time you get a chance by expressing your disdain for them living like professional leeches, gorging themselves on the stolen productivity of others. Humiliating is the only non-violent way to motivate them to stop using government as an agent to mug others.

Yes, you should probably do it from a safe distance and pack heat as well. But…

…When in doubt, HUMILIATE welfare recipients, and then offer them some help of your own if you think them genuinely in a pinch through no fault of their own.

But panhandlers? Now I’d like to consider that working for a living, but it isn’t. It’s more honest than being a professional welfare recipient, AND people donate voluntarily, so it doesn’t have that mugging characteristic of welfare.

I don’t like a whining, simpering, sniveling, sad-eyed, mopey panhandler. A panhandler should panhandle with enthusiasm. Here, let this story explain:


Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

One thought on “Why you should humiliate most food-stampers”

  1. It isnt right . I was succsesful business owner , but when home was burglarized several times and insurance acted in bad faith .
    it is a right for people to get help from goverment .

    we helped to the goverment when we were having everything .

    and is very immoral and brutal , to humiliate small child and man for buying the food .

    It is disgracefull

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