Government Abuse of Rod Class 2nd Amendment Rights

The author of these comments casts Rod Class as a delusional fool and criminal instead of as the freedom-fighting hero and law expert Rod Class sees smiling back at him in his bathroom mirror.

I cannot argue with the carping criticism and I appreciate the work that the author put into making his point that only a fool will pay any attention to legal theories coming from Rod Class.

Beyond doubt, Rod Class has demonstrated incompetence at managing some of his personal legal affairs. It seems axiomatic to conclude that the patriots who heed the legal theories of Rod Class do so at their peril.

Nevertheless, Rod at least tries to study and learn the law, and to stand up for his rights as he sees them, and he generally does it politely. Rod got charged with a  crime after capitol police found a hidden weapons cache in his vehicle in a parking lot within the Capitol Zone. Rod pled guilty under intimidation from the prosecutor.  His attorney recently won a favorable SCOTUS opinion that a defendant may challenge the constitutionality of the statute he has confessed to violating.  Rod believed the 2nd Amendment guarantees his right to possess firearms even in the Capitol Zone.

But I agree with Rod, but I predict that the court will proclaim constitutional the law criminalizing possession of dangerous weapons in the Capitol Zone .    For insight into why, read Dr. Edwin Vieira’s analysis of the 2nd Amendment and the people’s militia powers.

Bob Hurt

Author: Bob Hurt

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2 thoughts on “Government Abuse of Rod Class 2nd Amendment Rights”

  1. I’d never heard of Rod Class or seen his name until I read an e-mail forwarded to me back in November of 2011. Here’s the title & 1st part of that e-mail:

    North Carolina Police Warned To Put Their Personal Property Into Someone Else’s Name !

    For Immediate Release


    North Carolina Police Departments all over the state have warned their officers to put their personal property (houses, land, cars and other assets) into someone else’s name because they may now be subject to lawsuits from the People of North Carolina.

    Every claim made in that e-mail was (is) total B.S. Rod went on to claim that he won a huge North Carolina lawsuit regarding the claims made in that e-mail when in fact he lost @ every stage, from administrative up to the court of appeals. (RODNEY-DALE; CLASS vs. NORTH CAROLINA DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION., No. 10 DOT 7047). I’ve been doing case law research for 25+ years & like every other claim I investigate, I looked his case up & saved documents from it, including those which dismissed his action @ every step.

    Since Nov. 2011 I’ve occasionally seen / heard more from Rod Class & I have yet to see a statement from him which is true. Every legal theory / argument I’ve seen that he’s made is B.S. — no foundation in fact or in law. If Rod’s selling something you definitely don’t want to buy it.

    – ArtNJr

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