Sexual Perversion explains Low Muslim IQ?

The average Arab Muslim has an IQ of 81, 4 points lower than the average American Negro, which sits 15 points lower than the average American. For supporting information, see the attached article by academician Donald Templer, The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring 2010.

I believe low average IQ explains why so many American Negroes have stupidly embraced Islam as their “religion.” US Negrord have an average IQ of around 85. Because of that, fewer than half of US Negroes have the cognitive ability to graduate from a high school that administrators have not dumbed down to accommodate them.

Adherents to Islam think of themselves as religious because Muhammad, through the Qur’an, promoted monotheism, daily pray, and alms-giving. But their religion is much more a political system of social regulation than a religion.

Stupidity constitutes the main reason the men and women in Arabic lands tolerate the oppression of Islamic law and social regulation (Shari’a).

The chief reason for Arab Muslim low IQ: endogamy.

Inbreeding became a direct consequence of Muhammad’s permissiveness regarding the sexual excesses of Muslim men regarding women (as chattel) and children (both boys and girls).

Ann Barnhardt reads then burns offensive pages
of Qur’an, bookmarked with bacon strips

Qur’an-burner and lecturer Ann Barnhardt sets the record straight on Islam’s dangers as a POLITICAL SYSTEM disguised as a religion, AND on Islam’s sexual weirdness that most Americans, certainly American women, will HATE. See Barnhardt’s video here:


Barnhardt claims that Muhammad designed Islam to enrich himself (if you want to get rich, start a religion), to rally an army (needed for conquest and pillaging), and to facilitate and legitimize his sexual perversions.

Islamic clerics have made no secret of the fact that, of his 13 marriages, Muhammad at age 50 married 6-year-old Aisha, the daughter of Muhammad’s remote kin, and then consummated the marriage when she turned 9 years of age. That would land him in prison if he did it today in the USA. From the American legal perspective, Muhammad was a sexual deviate, child molester, and criminal.

Barnhardt also pointed out that Shari’a allows Muslims to amputate the clitoris of each daughter, age 2 to 15, and then to amputate the vulval labia and sew the vagina mostly shut. The men do all this because they don’t want the girls to grow up with an enjoyment of sex, and don’t want them to go off with other men for sexual pleasure.

Barnhardt explained that the sexual perversion of Islam extends to sodomy and homosexuality, particularly of young boys.

Barnhardt believes the US Government should arrest all Muslims, strip them of US Citizenship, deport them, and block all Muslims from entering the US for any reason whatsoever. Why? Because she has proven to her own satisfaction by her study of the Qur’an and various Fatwas (religious doctrines by Muslim clerics) that Muslims generally believe Muhammad wanted to slaughter all infidels (non-Muslims) who would not submit to Islamic social regulation under Shari’a law.

History shows that many lands have fallen to Islam under military conquest and terrorism. And now invasions of Europe and the USA by Muslim “refugees” from Islamic terrorism in their home lands threaten every Western government. In other words, Barnhardt makes excellent points in her expression of moral outrage.

I personally believe that ALL Muslims who fail to take up arms or aggressively support war against jihadists and denounce Islamic social regulation and Shari’a law constitute part of the problem rather than the solution. I believe that because virtually all Muslims, including the allegedly “peaceable” ones, support Mosques and Islamic clerics through their religious taxes and alms-giving. And those clerics enforce Shari’a through “religious police” wearing garb like these religious cops in Saudi Arabia.

Barnhardt shows how “peace” means the same to Muslims as it does to Communists. Peace is the condition that exists when no one opposes the political force of the respective group leaders. When nobody else opposes Islam, peace exists. Till then, the Qur’an supports holy jihad in order to slaughter the opposer to bring about peace.

In this video a journalist in Australia exposes the police fear of Islamic terrorist backlash to criticism of their horrifying idea of religious law

In the face of the points in Barnhardt’s lecture, linked above, how do you feel about Judge Carolyn Walker getting sworn in with her hand on the Qur’an?

Low Muslim IQ, Mankind Quarterly 2010, Templer.pdf

Author: Bob Hurt

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