Randy Kelton learns about TILA rescission the HARD WAY


In the Kelton v. DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, Dist. Court, ND Texas 2014 opinion the court dismissed your complaint for lack of standing. Apparently you learned your lesson and got the borrower to quitclaim the property to you so you could litigate it. But you must have listened to that Kool-Aid Drinker Neil Garfield because you submitted a TILA rescission letter after the statute of repose had tolled. So, the judge handed you another loss in the Kelton v. WELLS FARGO BANK, NA, Dist. Court, ND Texas 2016 opinion.

Why would you bother with all those losing arguments when DOZENS of case opinions prove you wrong? All you have to do is look around on Google Scholar and read them.

Now people will read the opinion about YOUR 2016 case there and realize that YOU are a foreclosure “pretense defense” Kool-Aid Drinker who doesn’t have a clue how to deal with a mortgage dispute.

If you want to know how to deal with a mortgage issue with some chance of prevailing and winning damages, read this web site:


Mortgage Attack teaches that you win by finding how the borrower got injured in the loan transaction, and using those injuries to leverage a settlement or win set-offs or damages in court.

You can also use Mortgage Attack site as an education and strategy resource. For example, check out the POST-JESINOSKI OPINIONS here that prove Garfield and his minions are feckless when it comes to understanding TILA:


Sorry, but you cannot buy anything at that site. It’s a consumer advocacy PUBLIC SERVICE.

Try not to walk in Garfield’s footsteps, Randy. Otherwise you will look like a Bozo too.

Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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