You Can Live as a Volunteer Minister

Some of you have known me or known of me for a decade or more. You have read my writings with more or less agreement. What do you find common about them? How would you characterize my approach to the world?

In a nutshell, I am a Swami… a Volunteer Minister… an Evangelist.

I study, I lecture, and I write to improve civilization, improve our world, and help others. I strive to share insights to problems, clarify practical and ideal solutions to them, and encourage people to implement those solutions.

Some, but not many, people disagree with my approach, analyses, position, solution, etc. I don’t consider those who disagree as nut cases. Most of they time they put emphasis on different importances from those I emphasize. But I remain forever a student, willing to learn new insights into the complexities of evolving a high quality civilization as the people of this world inexorably slog along to an Age of Light and Life in our far distant future. I simply try to guide the slogging in an appropriate direction.


I have adopted certain tools of guidance as my favorites.

  1. The Urantia Book – I consider this modern revelation and masterpiece of American Language literature as the ultimate guide book for humanity. It is my absolute favorite, and I commend all to its reading and the embrace of its noble truths centered in the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. I have studied and applied its teachings since 1971.
  2. Scientology Handbook (formerly, the Volunteer Minister’s Handbook)- I thoroughly appreciate the practical applications of this collection of writings by American author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the so-called religion of Scientology. It contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. I have used the technology to bring about improvements in people’s lives since 1977.
  3. The Holy Bible – many aspire to follow the ideals in this collection of ancient writings. I consider it good to know those ideals so as to understand and support those who want to follow the ideals. I do not consider the book historically accurate or philosophically consistent, and I put the Holy Qur’an in a similar category. I look at both books as a banquet table laden with a feast of dishes prepared by a variety of cooks, from foragers and cave men, to gourmet chefs, to enlightened modern nutritionists. I discourage banquet guests from eating the centerpiece and plates. I encourage them to seek the fare of enlightened nutritionists, so to speak. My parents started sending me at age 4 to Sunday School to learn Bible teachings in 1947. I started studying the Qur’an in 1978.


If YOU want to live as a Volunteer Minister and develop greater abilities to help others, I encourage you to focus your attention on Tools 1 and 2 above – the Urantia Book and Scientology Handbook. Buy a copy of each. Study them. Apply them in your living. Encourage others to do the same. Download or browse the texts and learn them so they can become your very own internal tools for solving the problems of the world around you.

Then CONFESS to others that you have become a Volunteer Minister, and that you intend to use the above technologies to improve your own life, help others improve their lives, and to evolve an idealized human civilization on our world.

You cannot have a more noble ambition.

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Author: Bob Hurt

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