6th Circuit sticks it to Cops and Muslim Thugs by reversing itself

Here I provide a link to the first opinion…

Bible Believers v Wayne County, 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals, 27 Aug 2014

And to the Reversal opinion…

Bible Believers v Wayne County, 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals, 28 Oct 2015

Bible thumpers soapboxed, proselytized, and evangelized Muslims through a powered megaphone at a Wayne County, OH Muslim festival.  Muslim thugs started intimidating the thumpers, pummeling them with debris, bottles, eggs, etc.  Cops intervened, ordered the thumpers to disperse, and then arrested them.  The Christians lost in trial court and appealed.  The 6th Circuit 3-judge panel supported the cops, then all 15 judges convened and reversed the smaller panel 10 to 5, in favor of the Bible thumpers.

The cops maintained that they really had to do something to keep the peace. The Christians argued that they had the right to spread their message, no matter how onerous.  The Muslims claimed they had no obligation to listen to that onerous message and could drive the orators out to shut them up.  The Christians won, finally.  The 29 page opinion explains it in arduous detail, and dissenters explain their disagreement with the majority.

The real issue has to do with Civilizing a Billion Murderous Muslims, It only LOOKS like Freedom of Speech

Much of the world holds Christians and Muslims in similar disdain because both harbor an array of irrational and oppressive beliefs that they desperately want others to embrace.  That means, of course, that Christians and Muslims tend to resent one another more than any others do, particularly because Muslims have not yet learned the lessons Christians learned from the Crusades, Inquisition, Witchhunts, and various other forms of bigotry.  After all, Christianity got started 600 years before Islam, so it will take Islam some time to shed its most onerous mantle of oppressive social regulation and notions that Muslims ought to slaughter infidels.

Christians know from history that as Musilms grow as a percentage of the population, they try to impose Shari’a Law on everyone and create a dangerous and terrifying social structure.  So they not only disdain Islam for its rejection of Jesus of Nazareth as a savior, but also for its history of imposing social regulations, over-taxing non-Muslims, and condoning oppression or killing of infidels, somewhat akin to the conditions imposed by temple rulers in Jerusalem during the life of Jesus of Nazareth nearly 2000 years ago.

It seems likely that most of the Christians of the USA will applaud the 6th Circuit for supporting their first amendment right to use a loudspeaker at Muslim festivals to harangue the Muslim attendees with exhortations to convert to Christianity and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Oh, and, sure, everybody but Muslims must love the First Amendment right to freedom (within reason)of expression.

Now the Christians who won their appeal can go back and file lawsuits against the cops who arrested them and the Mayor and Chief of Police who condoned or ordered the arrest and interference with First Amendment rights.  But Christians should not think of the 6th Circuit decision as a slam dunk in their favor.  The judges contested bitterly over the issues because many of them think Christians and Muslims are both crackpots bearing a message that only the stupid can fully embrace.  Nevertheless, in the end the 1st Amendmen won out over public safety.

The opinion ought to provide a learning lesson to the Muslims who abused the Christian proselytizers at the festival.  Hopefully, the cops arrested some of them to make a point.

And now Christians throughout the land can feel free to take their bullhorns into public assemblages of  Muslims and preach their idea of the Gospel to all who will stand still for it.  And maybe they should prepare to “stand their ground” when Muslims start stoning them for having the gall to suggest over a loudspeaker that Muslims ought to forsake Islam and accept Jesus as their savior so they won’t burn in hell for all eternity.

People should generally respect one another’s religious beliefs.  However, religionists feel that the belief in their values stand so supreme that the whole universe should embrace them.  And most go through phases where they conclude that they cannot tolerate dissent, so they seek to enforce those values on others, particularly those values that impinge on social behavior and morality.  Christianity and Judaism in the United States suffered such plagues of imposition of their beliefs on others as to make life positively unlivable or wretched to the disbelievers.  Islam still languishes in the moral squalor of that plague, for most of its adherents embrace enslavement to social regulation they call Shari’a Law that affects the way people worship, dress, and interact, and which encourages men to treat women as chattel, and which encourages all to engage in Holy Jihad, a form of spiritual warfare against Satan that typically finds expression in wars of subjugation and destruction of unbelievers.

ALL non-Muslims find that social regulation ambition particularly onerous, to the point of rejecting it violently.  And that as much as anything else motivates Americans generally, and Christians in particular, to loathe Islam.

The upshot:  Non-Muslim Americans must in good conscience denounce Islam to the extent its adherents seek to impose social regulation on the inhabitants of the land.  Only by aggressively, steadfastly resisting it physically and philosophically, even by proselytizing Muslims to become Christians, will non-Muslims convince Islam’s leaders eventually to transform the religion into one of peace instead of one of violence and brutal suppression of its detractors.  Most non-Muslim religionists hate Islam because they know that Muslims, given the chance, will enforce Islam, oppressive taxation, and social regulation upon them, making the victims feel miserable, and violating the Constitution in the process.

UNLESS Americans stand up against the pressures of Islam by prohibiting immigration, limiting procreation, and stalwartly denying all efforts at imposition of Shari’a Law on Muslim communities, Muslim leaders will eventually do everything in their power to gain control of Congress, States Legislatures, and executive positions, and then use their power to change the Constitutions to permit or require Shari’a Law.

I consider threats to do that as both serious and dangerous.

What do you think?

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