How to Strengthen Family and Government Through Responsibility

Dear Mr. Robert Rector of

I just read your article at I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I write from a meager formal education, but with considerable self-education in law and background in computer technology and managing family and small business. I write to express appreciation for your work, particularly casting your research in a form that makes legislators pause before lavishing largess on the undeserving to the detriment of civilization and the producers of the nation. And I write to propose some topics for further research.

I posit that a society has both a right and a duty to advance civilization, and that the natural law of survival of the fittest (SOF) imposes an obligation upon the fittest to lead the charge in that advancement. As I see it, SOF operates to let the most fit survive best, the less fit survive well, the yet less fit not to survive well if at all, and the least fit to survive in spite of the fact that the least fit should, for the benefit of civilization, perish altogether. The least fit survive because of their ability to hide until danger passes, and to prevail on the emotional urge of the more fit to care for them.

I also posit that intelligence, measurable by IQ tests, ultimately most greatly determines an individual’s value to civilization and to society. People deficient in intelligence gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by, and they become the flotsam of civilization as they fail in their efforts to compete for the better jobs and mates.

It seems axiomatic that smarter people of low ambition and achievement join those of low IQ in becoming a net burden on society, that their value of productivity always falls below the cost of their support, and that as they increase in number, their voting power will overwhelm that of people of average and high IQ. Perhaps you can prove this statistically.

In a more labor-intensive age, society might have needed masses of stupid people for farm, factory, and domestic service work. But as slavery in the Americas demonstrated, stupid people bear constant supervision, and they always buck against it because, like everyone else, they want unbridled personal liberty. The difference between them and smarter people lies in tact that their personal liberty imposes a grave danger on society because the stupid reliably make stupid decisions followed by stupid actions, and they typically become economic slaves one way or another unless government intervenes.

This also means that the irresponsible, whether stupid or by upbringing or choice, make bad decisions when they vote, and they tend to vote for government leaders who promise them welfare benefits of some kind.

Low-IQ people procreate without restraint and tend to have large families, owing at least in part to the fact that government bestows largess upon them. Smarter people tend to have small families. The birth rate into smart families has fallen so low as to make it impossible to sustain the gene group. That of the stupid has risen so high as to guarantee the stupid will dramatically outnumber the smart and have greater voting power. This spells doom for American civilization. See sub-Sahara Africa for an example of the impact of such a condition.

The foregoing realities have led me to propose that people who do not graduate from high school should have the right neither to vote nor to procreate. In other words, in any advanced society voting and procreation, and certain other liberties, become PRIVILEGES, not rights.

This reality shows the USA as a backward nation, in civilizational terms, because the leaders have not universally recognized the axiom that LIBERTY COMES AT THE COST OF COMMENSURATE RESPONSIBILITY. All parents of good sense teach these principles to their children. They don’t let a child drive the family car alone until they have taught the child the rules of the road and how to operate the vehicle, and then observed the child drive responsibly for a while, and taken the child to get a learner’s driving permit.

An automobile constitutes a dangerous weapon in the hands of the irresponsible. But unrestricted and untrained power to vote and procreate constitute an even more dangerous weapon, particularly when 25% of the US population suffers from stupidity so severe they cannot graduate from high school, and another 25% suffers from some other form of irresponsibility because of lack of good parenting and discipline. If the states and the US impose training and testing requirements upon those seeking a license to drive, why shouldn’t they impose similar restrictions on voting and procreation powers? I hope you will research this issue and propose legislation.

Naturally, such a proposal will cause the advocates for the stupid and irresponsible to harpoon you in the press, calling you a racist and demon. But at least Congress will listen to you. They give me no heed at all, and the media ignores me as well. I have no bully pulpit, no ivory tower from which to propose such measures.

I have suggested a number of important legislative proposals to FIX to serious problems. The fixes follow the axiom that liberty comes at the cost of commensurate responsibility. Note that the word “shall” does not mean “may.” It means immediately effective and applicable upon enactment.

  1. All who would swear a loyalty oath shall first graduate from high school, and second pass (80% correct answers) a competency test on the US and State constitutions. The higher the government position sought, the harder the test.
  2. All who would procreate shall graduate from high school and get married
  3. Knowing procreation of a stupid child constitutes such a crime against the child and against society that low-IQ prospective parents shall not procreate at all.
  4. All who would marry shall endure training, pass a marriage and child-rearing competency test, and prove self-sufficiency such that one marriage partner stays home to rear and train the children and manage the household and any home business enterprise, and the other earns a living.
  5. Betrayal of the public trust earns the death penalty. Penalties attend all violations of the loyalty oath. All public officers shall pay for their bonding insurance costs out of their own pockets..
  6. A fourth branch of government, the Inform and Advise Branch gets formed to provide information to the government and to the public, and to advice both the public and government regarding candidates, their qualifications, and the statistical likelihood of their positions on issues and effect on laws, judgments, and execution. This branch interacts with Grand Juries and runs the special tribunals for determining whether members of other branches breached duties. Heads of this branch hold office for life and have achieved notable success in academics, military, or business, but not in politics.
  7. The US and all states shall have grand juries 100% separate and isolated from the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government. They have primary functions: investigate all felony crimes; investigate all citizen reports of government abuse, including ballot box stuffing, police brutality, graft, bribery, blatant injustice in courts, public theft, betrayal of public trust; hire special prosecutors and empanel special courts to try public employees for abuse of power and betrayal of the public trust.
  8. Bar organizations shall not become or remain part of government and the Executive Branch regulates attorneys, and government cannot regulate the practice of law, and no legal services monopoly shall exist.
  9. All high schools shall require students to pass law courses that include the essentials of the first two years of law colleges, such that no high school graduate shall need to hire an attorney to attack or defend in court.
  10. All statutes, laws, regulations, codes, court opinions, and other court documents become public records available to the public free via internet.
  11. All people shall have use of the Petition for Writ of Amparo to the trial courts and the Grand Jury in order to shield them from abuse by government, quasi-government, and mercenary entities.
  12. Anti-SLAPP law shall apply to all exercise of rights guaranteed by Constitution or common law.
  13. All who receive any form of welfare shall devote 4 hours per day minimum to helping others through government approved, community-organized programs, and 4 hours per day in an educational program to improve skill in some trade. Such help and education can take the form of an apprenticeship.
  14. The USA shall allow only people of 115 or higher IQ to immigrate, and only people with at least one US citizen parent shall have US citizenship at birth.

I have a main objective in writing the foregoing considerations – to encourage you to convert your statistical studies into legislative proposals such as I have suggested above, and to use the math to support the proposals.

Well-formed, well-functioning, solvent family units constitute a grave necessity for an informed, sensible populace, and moral government. Most of our government problems stem from the false ideal of universal liberty and equality. American society must become re-educated into sound principles of family and government because it has lost its way and heads for a Roman-Empire type of civilizational decline as the stupid ever more rigorously abuse their political power, and the smart shirk responsible use of theirs. People must re-learn that liberty without responsibility not only does not constitute any kind of ideal, but also leads to destruction of the American Republic and civilization.

What happens when government abusively taxes its productive people to pay for ever-growing welfare and pointless wars?
What happens when government incessantly borrows in order to spend what it does not have?

Maybe you can take a look at what northern European countries have done to cure their loss of tax base as productive, intelligent people procreate fewer children per family. Some have mandated child care facilities in the workplaces, imposed draconian taxes on single adults, and given incentives for procreation of more children. That might work well in Scandinavian lands with few Mexicans and Negroes, but the influx of Muslims from Africa and the Mideast have imposed colossal drains on the welfare systems, such as in Denmark. Clearly, such formerly responsible countries, with their women’s-lib, everyone-is-equal mentalities, did not adequately prepare for masses of irresponsibles in the population.

As any honest observer can see, the right to a free ride through life doesn’t exist unless responsible members of society allow it through government largess, so long as only responsible people can vote. But when the irresponsible vote and demand more largess, government cannot provide it except by overtaxing the productive, responsible people, or by borrowing the money.

And this, more clearly than any other bellwether, show precisely why the Rothschild family sent Karl Marx forth to promote Communism. Communism, and its associates socialist economic system, provides the very mechanism needed to indebt the nations of the world to the Rothschild family banks. And since such bankers buy or intimidate whomever they must in order to suborn republics everywhere through ever-mounting debt, it seems obvious to me that ultimately such banking families will control every government and through government programs they support, they will enslave the productive members of every society through debt service on loans, up front and excise taxes, and back-end tax through inflation resulting from deficit spending, pointless wars, bailouts for insurers, and so on.

All of this makes it seem evident that scientists like you and observer-philosophers like me analyze factors of society, civilization, and government in something of a vacuum. We want solutions through public awareness that produces reform among individuals, and through legislation. But it seems that the forebears of those in real control figured out long ago how to get that control, by perverting voting power, the money system, the banking system, the currency, and energy system invention, such that governments and people everywhere have become their slaves in one way or another.

I say “Join them if you cannot beat them.”

Now how do you propose we do that with 25% of the US population dumb as a bucket of hammers, and another 25% almost as irresponsible?

We must strengthen families, self-reliance, education, intelligent procreation, and responsible suffrage.

Apparently, the Rothschilds and their associates like that idea within their own ranks, but not among all the rest of the people. That makes them the consummate capital-driven Communists, doesn’t it?

To become like them, we must insist that the American people do as the Rothschilds do.

First the people have to become as smart and unscrupulous in business and devoted to family and capital resources as the Rothschilds. Then… you get the idea.

Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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