Kill  in self-defense and Collect $200K, or Death for Crooked Prosecutors?

Check out this proposed Florida law, and ponder it for a while.

Some people might hate or feel shocked by the above idea, but I like it, up to a point.  Think about the plight of George Zimmerman in the aftermath of shooting and killing Negro thug Trayvon Martin in self-defense while Martin tried to beat Zimmerman to death.  How would you like to suffer the humiliation, the hatred of Negroes across the USA, the jail time, and the COST of a legal team?  $200,000 would barely scratch the surface of overall costs.

However, I feel worried about the fact that many self-defense survivors become the victims of overzealous prosecutors who will do anything, including violating their loyalty oaths and betraying the public trust, to win their case.

Prosecutorial misconduct constitutes the grandest justification of all for restraining prosecutors because prosecutors across the land have become positively CRIMINAL in their zeal to get unwarranted convictions, by intimidating defendants into accepting wrongful plea deals, manufacturing evidence, hiding evidence, suborning witnesses and jurors, manipulating the court and its records, and any trick or deception they can dream up.  They have become a danger to the populace and a scourge worse than most of the “criminals” they prosecute.  And the George Zimmerman case constitutes a prime example.

Esteemed Jurist Alex Kozinski wrote an excellent preface to the Georgetown Law Journal subtitled “Criminal Law 2.0.”  Download and read it here:

Kozinski describes the many reasons criminal prosecutions should fail, and he focuses considerable attention on prosecutorial misconduct.  The article will provide an eye-opening education for those who think of prosecutors as the good guy.

A New York Times editorial from 5 January 2014 discusses Kozinski and refers to prosecutorial misconduct as “rampant.”

Prosecutor crimes against victims, like judicial malfeasance, continues unabated because of the immunity they enjoy, even though no Constitution grants them such immunity nor authorizes governments to give them immunity.

Enacting the above proposed law would put deserved pressure on prosecutors to prosecute honestly ONLY those cases they should prosecute.  And self-defense cases don’t fit into that category.  The $200K should comes OUT OF THE STATE ATTORNEY BUDGET, and then only if the state removes prosecutorial immunity for abuse of authority and for prosecutorial misconduct.

Unfortunately, many prosecutors, police officers, judges, and elected /appointed officials fall into the class of people who betray the public trust.  So the $200K award, if the Legislature approves it, will probably a terribly negative effect.  It will make prosecutors work extra hard AND CROOKEDLY, with impunity under immunity, to convict those who kill in self-defense.

To Activists:  get busy and circulate a petition demanding a law imposing the DEATH PENALTY on public employees who betray the public trust and strengthening the Grand Jury system so that it investigates all evidence of crimes at the behest of the prosecutor OR the public, and so that judges and prosecutors and sheriffs cannot obstruct the public’s assess to the grand jury for reporting crimes and malfeasance by public officers.

ONLY that will properly deter crime in and by government.

Author: Bob Hurt

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