Habanero Peppers from Mash to Sauce

A few years ago I created an article at Wikihow about How to Make Habanero Pepper Mash. Maria says Wikihow reported 30,320 views so far. Scroll down in your browser to read it the steps. Please ignore the commercial ads interspersed in the article. You can see it here:


Also, you can see my steps in making a one-pound batch of the mash, with photos, here:


Earlier this month, I bottled the mash I made 10 years ago, adding a little cider vinegar to each bottle. I ordered some labels from Vistaprint.com Yesterday, the labels arrived and I stuck them on the bottles.

I put this info on Facebook to commemorate the hot sauce.

Bob Hurt
added 2 new photos.

November 14 at 3:31pm · Edited ·

Decade long habanero hot sauce project… Reserve your bottle now!

In 2003 I grew several bushes of Red Savina habanero peppers. In 2004 I harvested the peppers, removed seeds by hand, pureed them with 6% salt, put them glass jars, fermented then for a month at room temperature, then stored them in my refrigerator.

Now in 2014 I have removed one half-gallon jar from the refrigerator and sealed the mash uncooked into one dozen 5-ounce bottles. Each bottle contains one ounce of apple cider vinegar and 4 ounces of aged, fermented, Red Savina pepper mash.

This is the world’s premier gourmet hot pepper sauce, aged for ten full years. I calculate its value at about $250 per bottle. Each bottle provides flavor indescribably mysterious, exotic, and mellow, plus searing heat that rushes into your soul, warming you from stem to stern.

I have started working on a web site to merchandize this magnificent collaboration of mam and nature. I’m working on label and packaging. I can accept advance orders.

This product is not available in stores. Supply is extremely limited – only one dozen bottles is available worldwide. Act now to reserve yours.

Yes I do hold another jar in private reserve.

I call this sauce “Apache Scorcher.” I originally planned to put this label on it, but I thought Apache Torture might torturously offend some Apache. I also removed the appropriately valued price.

I have only 10 bottles of this extremely rare, tasty but tortuously scorching-hot sauce available. Write to me via http://bobhurt.com/contact.php if you want to order one. I accept Paypal donations.
Click here to Donate

Remember, I have only a LIMITED SUPPLY of this delicious sauce.

  • NOT FOR SALE ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET or at pepper festivals anywhere.
  • Required TEN FULL YEARS and lots of loving care and attention to detail to make
  • Donate NOW to reserve your bottle while supply lasts.

Author: Bob Hurt

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