Colorado People’s Grand Jury of face Conspiracy and Racketeering Charges of

A Denver Post news article and a long, bad indictment show why spearheading a so-called “common law grand jury” or “people’s grand jury” paves a path to prosecution and prison.



What’s the diff between HE and Sarin bombing?

In a military conflict, combat and collateral damage, included that from bombs, rockets, IEDs, booby traps, rifles, pistols, and poison gas or water, kills or injures people. And NOBODY (arguably, not even children, especially those able to wield a weapon, because parents are responsible for them) are innocent.

So, let us take the point of collateral damage or slaughter of the arguably innocent. If that worries heads of state and their war theorists, then they shouldn’t wage war because collateral damage is unavoidable, and in fact it is often necessary in order to force an adversary to sue for peace.

Given that heads of state don’t intervene or stop the conflict at its outset by such overwhelming and irresistible force as to defeat combatants immediately, they are all in a measure responsible for collateral damage, and they should just shut up and stop whining about it.

Looking at the videos of the sick and dying from the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, and comparing that to the clouds of smoke and ash from today’s high explosive bombing that killed people in the same area, I have to wonder if Trump is loony for wasting US money on his moralizing tomahawk missile attack on the Sha’irat Syria air base the other night. His attack proved nothing other than the inability to think straight and willingness to piss away taxpayer money in pique.

The USA needs to get its military out of the Mideast and Central Asia altogether, and precede any future interference with tactical nukes to take out the chief troublemakers.

And Americans should take note of the anti-American treachery of the Obama administration in funding and arming the Syrian rebels in a Qatar/Saudi conspiracy to force Assad to allow a Qatar gas pipeline to run through Syria. Obama might have intended the scheme to let Qatar gas compete against Russian gas in Europe, and as a consequence to collapse Russia’s economy as punishment for invading Ukraine and Georgia and snatching the Crimean peninsula. How is that in US interest? It isn’t. If Ukraine, Moldova, and other former Soviet possessions want protection, they should pay their share and join NATO.

Obama’s stupid scheme has cut loose 5 million Syrians, including many terrorists among them, not to mention countless Iraqis and Afghans, to migrate elsewhere as refugees to set up Islami states wherever they go. I personally do not welcome the Muslims and stupid among them into the USA, nor should anyone else of good sense.

David Rockefeller – hero or heel?

1. One World Government
2. Population Control
3. Population experiments
4. Globalist connections- Ford, Gates, Buffet, Bilderberg, CIA, CFR
5. Worldwide influence – health, agriculture, banking, partnerships

I personally agree with 1, 2, 4, 5, and to a limited extent even 3. The richest people in the world ought to spend their time and money improving civilization.

Nationalism is the cause of all wars and the waste associated with them. Only a one-world “super” government can stop the wars.

Lots of countries are dramatically overpopulated, and some are overpopulated with stupid people.

Population experiments should include gene pool enrichment efforts.

And like-minded people of wealth ought to congregate and plan how to expend their resources and use their connections and influence to improve the world.

I consider it heroic to make such efforts, even though some might need better standards.

Source of Trump’s Secret Powers Revealed

Researchers uncover clues to the Secret of Donald’s Amazing Power over Hillary

Washington. Sat. April 1 2017. “I’ll give it to you in two little words,” chief researcher Harvey Glumberg at the Inner Science Mysteries Foundation explained in a rare interview with the News Genesis Journal late Saturday evening.

Evil Eye. That describes the secret power Donald J Trump had and still has over former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.” he said.

Glumberg refused to elaborate, but this interviewer saw the researcher hiding a book on the Kabbalah beneath papers on his desk just prior to the interview. The Kabbalah is an esoteric tradition of ancient mystical knowledge that only the brightest Mekubbal scholars fully comprehend. So some of Glumberg’s knowledge of the Evil Eye powers, which few people possess, likely came from the Kabbalah.

Glumberg did admit, though, in both tone and secretive manner, that the Evil Eye is a force to be reckoned with, and people ought not to take it lightly upon becoming its target. Entire populations in some Mideastern and African regions fear the Evil Eye and frantically try to ward it off lest they become unwitting victims of it.

Suffice it to say, tales and superstitions about the “Evil Eye” predate written history. The Evil Eye is said to be the power to give someone a malevolent stare that inflicts misfortune and calamity on the target and his life. It can have only a temporary effect until the victim has “learned his lesson” or it can last a lifetime and be passed on to descendants who struggle and fail under misfortune after misfortune until they can find a healer, shaman, or other person of power to break the Evil Eye’s grip on the life of the person or family. Or, the powerful person who inflicted the Evil Eye on the victim can reverse it by the Glance of Grace.

Lord knows, Hillary did enough rotten things during her stint as Secretary of State and the Presidential campaign, not to mention all that time with Bill Clinton in the Governor’s house of Arkansas, and the White House, to deserve the Evil Eye. People still gossip about how she snuffed out the life of Vince Foster or stood idly by while watching someone else do it.

The Evil Eye is widely known, when cast by a man at a woman, to make the woman lose her wits, buckle at the knees, and faint inexplicably.

People close to Donald J Trump claim that he can make people buckle at the knees and faint just by giving them the Evil Eye while watching them on television. Insiders say they caught Presidential Candidate Trump practicing his Evil Eye skills by just gazing at the TV with eyes fully open, and then by giving a squint, somewhat like the Stink Eye. According to some insiders, Trump’s Evil Eye works on his victim anywhere in the world, simply by giving casting a malevolent stare at a photograph or video of the victim. One insider claimed Trump can look at the date and time on his one-of-a-kind chronograph wristwatch, and project the exact time and date that his Evil Eye will afflict its victim. The watch was a gift of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, a one-time Kabbalah acolyte.

Liberal Democrat pundits have worried that Trump will lose control of his strange powers, such as the obvious control he has over Hillary Clinton. “I believe that’s one of the reason so many women have rallied at speeches and marches in the streets against Trump,” Gonzago University alum Courtley Vanderfoot wrote on her blog. “He affects women just by his presence. All he has to do is look at them and they cannot help reacting in extreme ways.”

An unnamed former U.S. Defense Department official, speaking on the Q.T., said President Donald J. Trump is America’s secret weapon. When asked if the rumor about the President’s Evil Eye powers is true, he retorted “Have you notice how the price of Hamsa and Nazar anti-evil-eye charms has skyrocketed lately? Stores can’t keep them on the shelves. Democrats have bought all of them up.”

# # #

Filed by Mirt H. Galore, NGJ Reporter

Fed Court Spanks Borrower for Ignoring Terms of Mortgage

Borrower and Creditor MUST Give Notice and Opportunity to Cure before Suing

Refer to Sandoval v. Ronald R. Wolfe & Assocs., P.L., 2017 WL 244111 (S.D. Fla. 2017) dismissal order

Jennifer Sandoval bought a Florida home with money she borrowed from Suntrust Bank and secured the debt with a mortgage.  She later obtained a loan modification, and later defaulted on the loan. The creditor hired law firm Ronald R. Wolf & Associates to sue Sandoval for breach of contract and to foreclose the loan.  Sandoval hired a lawyer who sent a Qualified Written Request letter to Suntrust, and Suntrust responded with a letter explaining the requirements for reinstatement. Wolf charged fees for the reinstatement to bring the loan current and dismiss the foreclosure.  Sandoval sued Suntrust and Wolf in the Southern District of Florida US District Court for violating RESPA, FCCPA, and FDCPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

Suntrust filed a motion to dismiss the case for failure to state a claim for which the court could grant relief.  The court dismissed the case against Suntrust with prejudice, and then amended the dismissal.  The reader should take note of three important factors in the issue:

  1. Suntrust did not violate any of those laws in the manner Sandoval alleged; and
  2. Most importantly, Sandoval had failed to allege in her compliant that she had given Suntrust the statutory and contractually required notice of grievance and opportunity to cure prior to suing Suntrust.
  3. The court amended its dismissal order as follows (emphasis added):

“The Court’s January 19, 2017 Dismissal Order is AMENDED as follows: While the FDCPA and RESPA claims against SunTrust are dismissed with prejudice, the FCCPA against SunTrust is dismissed without prejudice, with leave to provide mandatory pre-suit notice to SunTrust of the alleged FCCPA violation and an opportunity to cure, prior to initiating a lawsuit against SunTrust that attempts to state a claim for a violation of the FCCPA. Because the dismissal of the FCCPA claim is without prejudice to Plaintiff attempting to comply with the requirements of the preceding paragraph, Defendant SunTrust’s Motion for Entry of Final Judgment Pursuant to Rule 54(b) [DE 69] is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.”

Thus it becomes clear that Sandoval has no more opportunity in this matter against Suntrust in federal court, and if she decides to sue Suntrust in state court for FCCPA violations, she must first send Suntrust a proper notice of grievance and give Suntrust an opportunity to cure, because her mortgage contract requires it.

Why You Should Always Read Your Contract

The mortgage and the note comprise a single legal contract even though they exist in separate documents.  Sandoval’s failure to give notice and opportunity to cure constituted a breach of that contract, specifically of the second paragraph of section 20 of the uniform Form 3010: Florida Mortgage security instrument.    The mortgage, in section 20, provides the following (red emphasis added):

“Neither Borrower nor Lender may commence, join, or be joined to any judicial action (as either an individual litigant or the member of a class) that arises from the other party’s actions pursuant to this Security Instrument or that alleges that the other party has breached any provision of, or any duty owed by reason of, this Security Instrument, until such Borrower or Lender has notified the other party (with such notice given in compliance with the requirements of Section 15) of such alleged breach and afforded the other party hereto a reasonable period after the giving of such notice to take corrective action.  If Applicable Law provides a time period which must elapse before certain action can be taken, that time period will be deemed to be reasonable for purposes of this paragraph.  The notice of acceleration and opportunity to cure given to Borrower pursuant to Section 22 and the notice of acceleration given to Borrower pursuant to Section 18 shall be deemed to satisfy the notice and opportunity to take corrective action provisions of this Section 20.”

The mortgage, in Section 22, imposes a similar obligation, in bold face type, on the creditor:

Acceleration; Remedies. Lender shall give notice to Borrower prior to acceleration following Borrower’s breach of any covenant or agreement in this Security Instrument (but not prior to acceleration under Section 18 unless Applicable Law provides otherwise).  The notice shall specify: (a) the default; (b) the action required to cure the default; (c) a date, not less than 30 days from the date the notice is given to Borrower, by which the default must be cured; and (d) that failure to cure the default on or before the date specified in the notice may result in acceleration of the sums secured by this Security Instrument, foreclosure by judicial proceeding and sale of the Property.  The notice shall further inform Borrower of the right to reinstate after acceleration and the right to assert in the foreclosure proceeding the non-existence of a default or any other defense of Borrower to acceleration and foreclosure.  If the default is not cured on or before the date specified in the notice, Lender at its option may require immediate payment in full of all sums secured by this Security Instrument without further demand and may foreclose this Security Instrument by judicial proceeding.  Lender shall be entitled to collect all expenses incurred in pursuing the remedies provided in this Section 22, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of title evidence.

Notice that section 20 refers to “Applicable Law.”  That could refer to state law, or to federal (e.g., RESPA) law.  The applicable federal law, RESPA, (at 12 USC 2605(e)) obligates the servicer to acknowledge receipt of a Qualified Written Request or answer it within 20 business days (about 4 weeks) , and to answer it within 60 business days (about 3 months). Regulation X in the Code of Federal Regulations requires the lender to acknowledge a notice of error (grievance) within 5 days (about 1 week) and correct the error within 30 days (about 6 weeks).  Read 12 USC 2605 and the corresponding part of Regulation X in the Code of Federal Regulations 12 CFR 1024.35 in their entirety.

So in this case neither the borrower Jennifer Sandoval nor her attorney read or heeded the mortgage security instrument section 20.  And even if they had, Sandoval did not allege in her complaint against Suntrust that she had sent the notice of grievance and given opportunity to cure in compliance with RESPA.  And now not only has she lost in federal court, but also she will have to pay Suntrust’s (and her own) legal fees.

Mortgage Attack hopes other borrowers learn from Sandoval’s mistake.


History Vindicates The Bell Curve – portent for the USA

Herrnstein and Murray predicted in their seminal 1994 book The Bell Curve, Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life that US society would evolve with little change in IQ differentials between Orientals (Asians), Caucasians (Whites), Chicanos (Hispanics), and Negroes (Blacks). And that has happened as they predicted, except that Asians have widened their gap from Whites. That means you should read this book (click the above link for the pdf), and HEED its soundly mathematics-based lessons.

As my favorite biodiversity pundit Steve Sailer pointed out 3 years ago, America has evolved toward a CASTE society, in keeping with The Bell Curve’s predictions, such that the more cognitive elite merged with the affluent (small wonder) and became ever more isolated from the cognitively disadvantaged (no surprise) who have ever less likelihood of escaping the mire of their condition. That might explain the relative inescapable, self-fulfilling sludge of ghetto and thug life in America’s inner cities and newly spawned ghetto suburbs and exurbs. And of course, there is NO WAY the powerful will yield their power to the utterly undeserving, cognitively inept masses. As I have repeatedly pointed out, fully 25% of the US population has IQ below 85 and are too stupid to graduate from high school, while another 15% is almost as irresponsible, owing to terrible parenting, low IQ, and low ambition to achieve in a lawful enterprise. Unlike the problem of low ambition and bad parenting, from which one can with effort escape through personal striving, no amount of striving will relieve a person of the affliction of innate stupidity.

In other words, All Men Are NOT Created Equal.

So, what do you expect an enlightened society in an advancing civilization to do about the population’s burgeoning ranks of stupid and irresponsible underachievers?

I have said that eventually, the elite must confess the condition of the stupid as interminable, proliferating, and deadly to civilization, and ACT intelligently and benignly to correct it. That means, in a nutshell, government must ultimately enact eugenics laws to outlaw procreation of stupid children (as a crime against humanity) and prevent unmarried people from procreating at all. Why? Because it goes without saying (and yet I’ll say it anyway) that insufficient parenting equals bad parenting and single parents gravitate toward poverty which means their children get insufficient education in how to become an upstanding, responsible adult because the single parent constitutes such a bad example simply by having no spouse to share in the child rearing experience. And in most cases, the single parent bears a serious grudge against the would-be spouse, and typically denigrates the opposite sex to the child in such a way as to poison the child’s thinking about loyalty of spouses and parents to one another. And NOTHING, absolutely nothing adversely influences a child more than the disloyalties of his adult associates.

Race statistician Richard Lynn revealed in his book The Global Bell Curve – Race IQ and Inequality Worldwide (2008) that The Bell Curve‘s analysis and prediction applied worldwide, not just in the USA. The bottom line: people are created UNEQUAL, especially in intelligence, some being vastly superior to others.

One obvious fact should seem apparent without saying – that intelligence, as measurable by standardized IQ tests, is the primary, NUMBER ONE, factor of importance in individual socioeconomic achievement and in building an advanced civilization. As much as proponents of Black Lives Matter, La Raza, and other race promoting groups hate to admit it, the USA exists because smart WHITE propertied men made it so. They crafted the founding documents and organic laws of the nation, and met as state delegates to endorse the Declaration of Independence and Constitution after lengthy heated debates of the merits of nearly every single provision.

The founders and American leaders who followed in their steps acknowledged the contributions of white men to fulfillment of the American dream of what I call “Liberty for Responsible People.” Beginning in the 19th century, “Manifest Destiny” became the rallying cry for the US expansion to the west coast of the continent, an land acquisition effort that including the conquest or land purchase against England and Spain and Seminoles in Florida, France and England in Louisiana, Mexico in Texas, and Mexico in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, much other land north of those areas, against Britain in Oregon and Washington and other northern states, and against Britain in Hawaii and Russia in Alaska.

What is Manifest Destiny? It is the doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable, and it definitely challenges the notion that all men are created equal. Although ideally people in non-US areas should petition for statehood, foreign adversaries learned that they must either sell their claims to the USA or Americans, meaning the white race, would take it by conquest because it was their manifest destiny to have the land from coast to coast. Wikipedia says this about it:

Why a Muslim Ban Does Not Violate the 1st Amendment

Islamic Terrorism and Call for Banning Muslims

Nearly fourteen months ago, on 2 December 2015,  a pair of Muslim terrorists murdered and injured three dozen people at a social services facility Christmas party in San Bernadino California.  On 7 December 2015, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald J Trump called for a complete ban against Muslims immigrating into the United States until government can figure out what’s happening.  That backed up his earlier call for surveillance of mosques and other Muslim hangouts.

The Ban is Constitutional because…

The call for a ban put Democrats into a tailspin of course.  Trump’s leftist detractors tried to shame him, but he told them he didn’t care what they say.  They claimed a religious test for entry into the USA constitutes a violation of the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment, which provides this:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion , or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Banning Muslims has nothing to do with establishing a religion.  Anyone who can read should know that.  Apparently America’s leftist and Muslim US citizens and others who find a ban on Muslims illegal obviously cannot read or cannot comprehend what they read.

Furthermore, Congress has already given the President the power to impose such a ban.  See 8 U.S.C. § ll82, which provides this:

“(f)Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

“Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.”

Islam is a Political System, Not a Religion

But most importantly, Islam is not actually a religion, even though it bears many of the trappings of a religion.  It is, in fact, a POLITICAL system diametrically opposed to the US Constitution-based republics of the USA and of its several states.  It operates behind the DISGUISE of a religion.

Begun in the 7th century C.E. in Arabia, Islam’s political system known as  “Shari’ah” includes taxation, waging war against infidels, slaughtering apostates, and regulating society with laws permitting rape (unless three males attest to having witnessed, but not participated in, the rape), vaginal mutilation to prevent women from enjoying sex to the extent that they would run off with man other than husband, polygamy, and regulating many things such as executions by beheading, punishing robbery by chopping off the right hand, cleansing the body, praying 5 times a day in a public display, giving of alms to widows and orphans and the poor, “Ramadan” fasting during daylight hours for a winter month, making a pilgrimage to Mecca, and many other rules.

The Bloody, Criminal History of Islamic Expansion

Historically, Muslims entering a land not governed by Shari’ah have become committed to use warfare or lawful but underhanded methods to alter the form of government to a Shari’ah-dominant government over everyone, making Islam the state religion and treating all non-Muslims as third-class citizens. That explains the propensity for Muslim thugs to turn the government into a dictatorship.

Generally, the Muslim population starts growing through immigration and missionary or proselytizating efforts, remaining peaceable and subservient to the laws of the land, but as their population grows, they request or demand the right to govern their own community affairs under Shari’ah and under the religious leadership of their clerics known as Imams.  And as their population becomes closer to a majority, Muslims engage in political activities intended to convert the government to one practicing Shari’ah over the entire land. Usually such conversion necessitates insurrection, terrorism, and out and out warfare such as we see in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

India, the birthplace of Bhuddism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, became an early target for Muslims.  Arab traders settled in western coastal areas in the 7th century, but invasion of Turkic-Mongols and their Muslim mughal leaders in the 12th century caused a Muslim population explosion. In time the Muslim population caused such unrest with other religious groups, principally Hindus, that the British separated coalesced India’s many mughal satrapies into a fledgling nation, and then separated off Pakistan and Bangladesh as Muslim lands.  India suffers constant violence and unrest because of conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims there.

In the 7th Century Muslims took over North Africa.  They expanded into Spain in the early 8th century and sent armies to within 90 miles of Paris before Charles-the-Hammer’s forces defeated them in the Battle of Tours in 732.  Muslims ruled most of Spain until Ferdinand and Isabella expelled them in 1492, but the Spanish did not eject the last of the Muslim civilians until 1614.

In the past century, the foolish European, British, and Scandinavian governments have invited Muslims into their lands, believing they could absorb them with no damage to local culture.  The recent waves of so-called refugees contain many Islamic jihadists and terrorists bent on rape and plunder of those lands, and of course, converting the governments into Islamic oligarchies in due course.

During the years of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th through the 19th centuries, Muslim pirates and raiders from Turkey and North Africa terrorized coastlines of non-Islamic lands around the Mediterranean, the western Coast of Africa, eastern coast of South America, and as far north as Iceland.  Muslim Berber pirates became the USA’s very first enemies after the US gained independence from the British monarchy. Only the power of American and European Navies finally quelled the Islamic piracy in the Mediterranean around 1830.  But Muslim pirates still represent a dire threat to voyagers near the Philippine island of Mindanao, and in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Persian Gulf, and anywhere else where Muslims predominate in the population.

Furthermore, Islamic militants have done their best to slaughter Americans in the USA, Philippine Islands, Libya and other African nations, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria in the past 120 years.  The USA has suffered at least 11 serious Islamic terrorist attacks including a variety of shootings and stabbings and the devastations of the Murrah bombing in 1995, World Trade Center in 1993, and the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon by Muslim airplane hijackers on a suicide mission.

Islam Endangers American and Western Civilization

Thus, NO sentient, informed being can have any question whatsoever as to whether Islam is a religion or a political system with religious trappings.  It is not a mere religion.  It is a political system inseparable from its religious trappings.  And one cannot help but conclude that Islam as a political system and its Muslim adherents present a clear and present danger to the government, people, and property of the United States of America, and to Western Civilization in general.

Wherever Islam grows as a religion, intense and violent conflicts ultimately develop between Muslims and the natives.

Islam at its core has a distinctly ANTI-American nature.  Therefore its adherents should be banned from the USA forever, or until sensible governments forcibly separate the Shari’ah law and social regulation from Islam to make it into a religion of peace and good will.

The Ban on Muslim Immigration is Just

The United States Government should put Muslims in the same classification as Communists.  But it should label Islam as more dangerous owing to the deceptive nature of its religious trappings.  Both endanger the sovereignty of our nation and style of our national, state, and local governments.  Therefore, Congress should not permit them have employment in municipal, county, state, or national government, including educational institutions and the US military, and Congress should not allow them to vote in any elections.

Possibly, the US Congress can devise a method of requiring all Muslim US citizens to forswear loyalty to Shari’ah law and repudiate all Muslim requirements to obey social regulations. But until then, the US Congress should enact a law banning Muslims from immigrating, revoking the citizenship of naturalized US citizen Muslims, canceling residence permits of all alien Muslims, ejecting all alien Muslims from the USA, and putting all other Muslims in the USA, particularly their clerics and private school teachers, under continuous surveillance for evidence of subversive activities.

We should not allow our state and national leaders to ignore the lessons of history.  Islam endangers the American republic and civilization, so federal law should ban its adherents from the land.


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