Driving without insurance, registration, or license – thanks, Ralph, for a clearer understanding

Ralph Winterrowd 2nd, of Alaska, proved in court that if you drive without a license, registration, or proof of financial responsibility, cops don’t violate your rights by stopping you, asking for or demanding to see those items, and continuing to question you until they release you or take you into full legal custody. Well, Ralph didn’t prove it, but the Appellate Court opinion did.

Attorney Larry Becraft has posted the text of this appellate opinion on his web page regarding “Destroyed Arguments” or “Dead Issues” in order to help well-meaning patriots understand the idiotic nonsense (that means in violation of common sense) paytriots for profit and other myth mongers try to spread through their teachings. Larry hopes (and so do I) that publication of these destroyed arguments (destroyed in courts of law by judges’ written opinions, of course) will dissuade patriots of common sense from pursuing courses of action that they should know in advance will lead them into trouble with the law. By trouble I mean monumentally wasting time, money, and other resources trying something doomed to fail from the outset, with the result of paying fines and/or doing jail time.

Patriot, PLEASE DON’T DON’T follow Ralph’s example. Common sense tells you (for instance) that you will suffer if you stab yourself in the hand with a sharp knife. If you get a hair-brained idea that you can violate common sense and get away with it, DO YOUR LEGAL RESEARCH FIRST, and consult a COMPETENT attorney before embarking on a legal adventure that could land you in prison or cause you to pay fines.

Patriot, PLEASE REMEMBER that, from a practical standpoint, the law means what the highest court of competent jurisdiction in your territory SAYS it means. If you don’t agree with that, and you can’t take it to the Supreme Court, you are dealing with a political issue needing a political solution.

And that shows why I encourage All patriots to

  1. Learn the constitution and its implications;
  2. Learn the law;
  3. Verify the law and constitution meanings by reading related court opinions;
  4. Consult a competent attorney for clarification;
  5. Become disposed to using the law;
  6. Become skilled at organizing others for political action when judges and politicians go rogue and violate their oaths to support the Constitutions;
  7. Remain true to your own oath or affirmation to support the Constitutions;
  8. Hold public officers accountable for loyalty to their oaths to support the Constitutions.

Remember above all that you cannot know the public officer violated the Constitutions if you haven’t read, studied, and understood them yourself. To get started in your project of learning what the Constitution means, read the annotated version which shows US Supreme Court opinions on the meanings.

For more destroyed arguments, see Larry’s web page: http://home.hiwaay.net/~becraft/deadissues.htm. You might drop him a line to show him your appreciation for his legal research.

Also visit http://constitution.org, Jon Roland’s reference site. You’ll find a ton of info there. Send Jon a thank-you note too, and a donation.


Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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