PEB clarifies the relationship between note, mortgage, and enforceability

FYI, every pretender defender and mortgage victim should read the UCC Permanent Editorial Board comments from November 2011 regarding security in mortgages:

The upshot: almost ANYBODY with a modicum of proof can enforce (foreclose) a mortgage loan. This shoots a silver bullet into the brain of assignment, standing, and securitization arguments.

Get used to it.

Can you solve mortgage problems with bankruptcy or loan mod?

Why get a loan modification when you know the interest rate will bump up after 5 years? The overall cost of a loan mod far exceeds the cost of a mortgage examination that you can use to negotiate a settlement or sue your crooked lender.

Why do bankruptcy when you have to pay the arrearage within 5 years?


Only one practical way exists to solve mortgage problems:


Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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