Commendation for Tom Durfee of Respitek

Bob Hurt

2460 Persian Drive #70

Clearwater, FL 33763-1925


May 19, 2014


Gary Anzulewicz


Respitek, Inc.

8257 Causeway Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33619

Dear Gary Anzulewicz:

I write to commend Tom, the young man who works for Respitek and delivers oxygen to my home every two week, for EXCELLENT SERVICE. During the entirety of Tom Durfee’s employment in the time I have known him, he has always performed his service quickly, efficiently, completely, and repletely. He has shown an excellent attitude of friendliness, professionalism, politeness and respect. He always protects my floor from possible tracks from the dolly he uses for the heavy oxygen tank. He seems to observe proper precautions against injuring himself or our furniture when handling the tank. He always makes sure I have sufficient supplies and my equipment works properly. Today he tested my oxygen concentrator, found that it needs service, and replaced it with a properly functional unit. He never forgets to present Respitek paperwork to me or my wife for signing. He always smiles and offers a friendly salutation upon arriving and departing.

Tom always seems to be in a good mood. Whenever he mentions Respitek or its managers or his fellow employees, he does so with consummate respect and appreciation for their quality and competence. He never acts fresh or nosey, but rather behaves cordially and with grace. To me he seems like a model employee. If I still had a company, I’d feel delighted to have employees and business associates like Tom. He makes Respitek seem like a good company.

When you consider pay raises and promotions, I hope Tom finds himself at the top of your candidate list. Thank YOU for employing him and assigning him to service my oxygen equipment. I feel sincerely grateful for Respitek’s EXCELLENT service.





Bob Hurt

Cc: Suzanne Klinker, Medical Center Director, Bay Pines VA Healthcare System


Author: bobhurt


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