A Solo Savior Strikes Back at Defamer

Solo Savior MFE, under leadership of Storm Bradford, strikes back at Defamer

By Bob Hurt http://bobhurt.com, 12 February 2014. Distribute freely.

As anyone should know by now, ONLY a comprehensive, competent mortgage examination can yield a report sufficiently useful to attorneys and mortgagors in defeating bankers and their agents who have cheated borrowers. Myriad THOUSANDS of court cases and trustee actions have resulted in mortgagors losing their houses to foreclosure because the borrower could not defend against these truths:

  1. The mortgagor borrowed the money.
  2. The mortgagor agreed to repay it or forfeit the collateral to discharge the debt.
  3. The mortgagor breached the note by failing to make the agreed timely payments.

Many fake loan and securitization and chain or title auditors and foreclosure defense attorneys scam mortgagors into buying their useless services in the hope of saving the house from foreclosure sale. Statistically NONE of those efforts work, and the mortgage victim always loses the house.

Only ONE company, a SOLO SAVIOR run by ONE HEROIC MAN, offers a generic solution that actually has more value than the fee the company charges because it gives a perfect negotiating/lawsuit tool to the mortgagor:

Mortgage Fraud Examiners (MFE) of Reston Virginia,

and Storm Bradford runs it.

I refer to MFE as a “Solo Savior” in the title of this commentary because in actual practice, it provides foreclosure and other mortgage victims with the ONLY TOOL that can, if wielded competently, help them beat the lender and agents soundly and permanently for injuring the borrower. MFE originally offered the examination service to attorneys, then began to offer it publicly to foreclosure victims. So now any mortgagor can have the same case knowledge advantage as a lawyer, and use it to negotiate settlements on their own.

This case knowledge in the examination report SAVES mortgagors from foreclosure. MFE, “Solo Savior,” provides it for a fee about 1/4 of what an attorney would charge IF competent to do the work. I know of no other company or attorney that offers a comparable service for a comparable price.

And competence comprises the central issue here. According to my research results, Storm has 35+ years of WINNING litigation experience, over 700 criminal trial acquittals to his credit, and 7 years of mortgage examination experience. Competent in tort, mortgage, contract, foreclosure, banking, and criminal law, Storm directs MFE to examine all of the client’s mortgage-related documents from inception to present time and to FIND THE CAUSES OF ACTION in them against the lenders, note assignees, and related agents (mortgage broker, appraiser, title company, servicer).

With a mortgage and appraisal examination report showing these causes of action in hand, the mortgage victim, ideally with but sometimes without the help of a competent attorney, can negotiate settlement or sue and win foreclosure offsets, financial compensation, loan cram-down, favorable settlement, and sometimes the house free and clear.

Numerous court cases like Brown v Quicken Loans resulting in multi-million-dollar awards for mortgagors prove the effectiveness of this methodology.


  • Fight the foreclosure and lose;
  • Fight the mortgage and win

It’s that simple. Mortgagors can only win reliably by proving the lender or agent injured them.

Well, the story does not end here.

Storm Bradford became vocal in helping others see the light, providing controlling court opinions on Linked-In, Facebook, and in news releases, to prove his points. This seems to have driven his opponents and their confederates in the securitization and loan audit and loan modification industry INSANE with spittle-flying rage. Storm has denounced them as the con artists and scammers they are, shown how courts virtually always rule against their specious, failing arguments, and embarrassed them as bozos publicly.

You see, these people and their business enterprises have scammed, deceived, conned, and cheated desperate foreclosure victims for nearly a DECADE now. Storm must feel “Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” So, he lowers the boom on the scammers by publicly exposing and embarrassing them. They don’t dare sue him because they know he would beat the stuffing out of their cases in court, and maybe because most of them are broke or nearly so. Some make money hand over fist cheating their clients, so they just ignore Storm. And many of the scammers have banned him from their groups of clingers and marks to prevent Storm from infecting them with his knowledge of the scams.

Within the past few years someone posted a defamatory message about Mortgage Fraud Examiners (MFE) and Storm Bradford on Ripoff Report. Several people responded on both sides of the issue. The report itself reveals itself as a fraud, though. This report might have caused substantial loss of business to MFE. For that reason it has injured both MFE and Storm. But it would cost a lot of money to get the owner of Ripoffreports to remove the defamatory remarks.

According to a recent press release (see below), Storm received communication from a “New Jersey woman” who confessed to defaming him, and who accused him of being ME (Bob Hurt), possibly because I avidly promote his WINNING mortgage exam methodology. Furthermore, someone else started stalking him on Facebook groups.

So, MFE has started a process of suing the “New Jersey woman” for defamation. I imagine MFE could add other parties to the lawsuit as they reveal themselves. I downloaded some related items to corroborate my story from facebook.com today. See them below.

The “New Jersey woman” must operate under a lot of stress from the foreclosure mess to accuse me and Storm of being the same person. I feel sad that she has to deal with that.

If MFE proves its case in court, maybe it can get the court to enjoin Ripoffreports to remove the defamatory postings. And maybe that will discourage others who defame him for absolutely no good reason.

If I stood in the shoes of the “New Jersey woman,” I might do these things in the order given:

  1. Write a public, sincere confession, apology, and denunciation of the practice of defaming competent professionals;
  2. Do some things FOR Storm way beyond the call of duty or normal operations;
  3. Deliver an array of publicly obvious and effective blows against Storm’s enemies;
  4. Beg Storm’s forgiveness and leniency; and
  5. Repeat the above 3 steps till he forgives me and relents.

I’d hate for a court to order a 20-year judgment for big money damages against me. That could ruin my happiness for decades to come.

Look at the nonsense Storm has to put up with, and look how he tries to help people in the process of fending off the mindless attacks against him. This hateful stuff against Storm and MFE should end right now, don’t you agree?

Excerpts from Facebook, with my comments interleaved below


Downloaded today 12 February 2014 from https://www.facebook.com/groups/aafhelpus/:

Storm Bradford
Yesterday at 8:35am

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is filing state and federal criminal complaints, and a multimillion dollar defamation suit against a New Jersey woman who confessed that her co-conspirators allegedly forced her to make up and file bogus claims on Ripoff Reports, an post other false, and fictitious misinformation in foreclosure groups with the intent to discredit MFE.

Some of this woman’s ludicrous claims are so bizarre she has argued MFE is really MERS, and Storm Bradford, MFE’s Founder, and Bob Hurt, a retired computer specialist living in Clearwater, Florida who blogs on foreclosure matters is actually one and the same person.

Its almost unbelievable how far these scammers will go to discredit those of us who seek to get the real truth to homeowners that these worthless services forensic, securitization, and “chain of title” audits, scams like “mortgage elimination,” and the widely discredited stall arguments like (“produce the note,” “MERS,” “securitization,” “assignment,” etc., etc., are just that basically worthless.

They want the real truth hidden from homeowners that a foreclosure is an allegation the homeowner has breached the contract; and the only way for the homeowner to overcome their breach is to attack the contract.

Homeowners who have utilized the services and/or methodologies provided by Mortgage Fraud Examiners have received awards in the multimillions, free title to their property, and every conceivable settlement imaginable from chagrined banks and/or their agents; apparently these results are obviously too much for these scammers to accept that they would stoop so low to commit illegal and immoral acts just to stop the truth from getting out.


Rob Somerton from the West Coast film industry bragged on various facebook groups about Storm getting thrown off “Just so everyone knows ‘Storm Bradford’ is no longer on fb, good job friends!”, then moaned that Storm somehow got back on. To me that seems to constitute an example of intentional internet harassment/stalking. I consider it downright evil to stalk and smear someone who works tirelessly to help mortgage victims find ways to fight the banks. WhatEVER could that man possibly have against Storm personally to motivate him to do such iniquitous and damaging things?


Downloaded today, 12 February 2014, from https://www.facebook.com/groups/aafhelpus/ :

Rob Somerton
February 10 at 10:13am

PREDATOR ALERT: Homeowners Beware!
Just rechecked “Storm Bradford” looks like it’s still active on fb.

Rob Somerton

“Some of you may have noticed “Storm Bradford” posting in the forums here and probably on other forums on the net. We have done some investigating through Mr. Bradford’s websites, mortgagefraudexaminers.com and instantlawpartner.com, and believe that Mr. Bradford may be working for MERS.”
http://www.afnetwork.org/item/269360 Andrew Lehman

Storm Bradford Works For MERS?

Some of you may have noticed Storm Bradford posting in the forums here and probably on other forums on the net. We have done some…

February 6 at 10:19am

Rob Somerton
February 6 at 9:38pm

Just so everyone knows “Storm Bradford” is no longer on fb, good job friends!

Rob Somerton
February 5 at 1:30pm

MORTGAGE FRAUD EXAMINERS “Storm Bradford” FRAUD ALERT- Threatening, Harassing, Dishonest, FRAUD, Forensic Loan Audit, Mortgage Audit Reston, Virginia

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  • Storm Bradford Someron, just because we caught you scamming homeowners, now you like other scammers try to discredit others.


    Reports is a known place for scammers & other immoral jerks to say bad things about companies without any prove or their identificatio…See More
    February 5 at 1:31pm · Like · 1

  • Storm Bradford Because everyone knows Ripoff Reports is a scam itself, only morons believe it.

    I know of several members who are defamed on that scam as well. Are you going to out us all….See More
    February 5 at 1:34pm · Like · 1


Just LOOK how Storm FREELY tries to help people understand the real issues regarding fighting the foreclosure or the mortgage:


Downloaded today, 12 February 2014, from https://www.facebook.com/groups/aafhelpus/ :

Storm Bradford uploaded a file.
January 29 at 12:49pm

PSA-Standing cases.doc

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Author: Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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