MMA: How to Beat the Snot out of Foreclosure Without Trying

Mortgage Martial Arts (MMA) – Lesson 1

How to Beat the Snot Out of Foreclosure
Without Even Trying

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Instructor’s Tip: “Start every fight with a kick in the nuts”

Here’s a quick lesson in Mortgage Martial Arts (MMA). I’ll teach you how to Beat the SNOT out of foreclosure without even trying. One-handed, so to speak.

Download NOW and extract the articles.

Read the article How to Beat Your Mortgage Like It Owes You Money.  This gives you a proper introduction to the challenges you face, and the benefits if you meet them correctly.

YOU need to gear up to fight the lender over the Mortgage, not the Foreclosure. You can do this reliably in only one way:

Get the mortgage professionally and comprehensively examined so as to discover the causes of action underlying the mortgage transaction. That gives 9 out of 10 mortgagors the ammo they need to beat that foreclosure to a pulp in a negotiation with the lender.

Imagine that the lender or lender’s agents injured you at the inception of the loan. That has happened in 90% of home mortgages. If you attack the bank over those injuries, WHAT do you suppose happens to the foreclosure?

Imagine that a bad guy wants to beat you up and comes after you. You toss him a hornet’s nest. He suddenly forgets about beating you because he has to protect himself from bee stings.

Likewise, the bank will stop attacking you in order to defend against your attack. If you prove the mortgage was void or voidable, that automatically makes the foreclosure voidable, doesn’t it? See? The best way to beat the snot out of foreclosure: don’t fight over it; fight over the mortgage instead.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t give legal advice, but I’ll help clear away the smoke and fog in this issue, FREE, and introduce you to the world’s best mortgage examiner. Call me. Now. 727 669 5511

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