Zombie Foreclosure Title EATING HUMAN TO DEATH


In the above story, a foreclosure victim abandoned his home, vandals ruined it, the city sued him for its danger to the community The bank didn’t consummate the foreclosure, leaving it in the victim’s name. The victim became sick as stress piled upon stress. The government turned him down for social security disability benefits because it saw the house as a valuable asset.

Thus did that Zombie title destroy his physical health. You might say it’s EATING HIM TO DEATH.

How could he avoid that sorry situation, even now?

Maybe not easily, but very simply:

Get a competent professional to examine the mortgage comprehensively. Then demand settlement from or sue the lender for the revealed tortious conduct, contract breaches, and legal errors of the lender and /or lender’s agents. Those causes of action constitute the path to getting the house free and clear or financial compensation, including punitive damages against the lender.

No, I don’t mean a loan audit or securitization audit, for they are worthless.
If you haven’t a clue how to go about this, and you have an underwater mortgage or face foreclosure or suspect the lender cheated you, contact me right now and I’ll explain everything to you, absolutely FREE.

Bob Hurt
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