Florida Federal Judge hammers Foreclosure Defense Lawyer for TILA Sham

In early March 2013 a West Palm Beach USDC judge dismissed a sham TILA lawsuit filed by a bozo foreclosure defense attorney (“Loan Lawyers”) to delay foreclosure. See attached and below text.

The plaintiffs, defendants in a state foreclosure action they could not win, asked the servicer for loan information, and when the servicer responded partially, the plaintiffs sued in federal court for a TILA violation. The judge dismissed the case with prejudice and mooted all other motions, claiming the plaintiff had 2 years to solicit the information, and ask the lender attorney who held the note, etc, but instead filed the sham lawsuit just for the fine and fees.

Even federal judges have sublime common sense that many foreclosure defense attorneys lack. How much did the Loan Lawyer bozos charge their desperate clients for this wasted action? The clients should sue Loan Lawyers for malpractice, in my humble opinion.

Guillaume v. Federal National Mortgage Association.pdf


Author: bobhurt

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