While religious, social, and educational institutions are all essential to the survival of cultural civilization, the family is the master civilizer.

A child learns most of the essentials of life from his family and the neighbors.

The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men.

Almost everything of lasting value in civilization has its roots in the family.

The family as an educational institution must be maintained.

Self-gratifications have indeed cost a fatal price if they bring about the collapse of marriage, the decadence of family life, and the destruction of the home—man’s supreme evolutionary acquirement and civilization’s only hope of survival.

Faith never shuns the problem-solving duty of mortal living. Living faith does not foster bigotry, persecution, or intolerance.

Note:  Society, to advance, must break the cycle of incompetent parenting.  Loving one’s children simply does not constitute or substitute for competence.

Watch the film The Tall Man (2012).  Maybe that will get my point across.


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PS: Google the above text segments to discover their origin.


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