What Kept White Men Away from the Polls?

Philosopher, Marketeer, Geneticist, Film Reviewer, and Quill Master Steve Sailer wrote today of a remarkable reality during the recent election:


Sailer quoted this New York Times interview quotation:

“When you lose, you nitpick the numbers as you go through this stuff,” Mr. Newhouse said. “The number of white men who didn’t vote in this election compared to white women compared to four years ago was extraordinary.”

Would any of you care to conjecture as to why white men, particularly Republicans, chose to descend so far into the murky depths of infamy as to refuse to vote?

Do you think they might have started liking the taste of Barack’s bilge water?

Or did they find Mitt’s sycophantic smarmy sucking-up too intolerably and transparently fake and fatuous to deserve a vote?

If so, you feel pretty much as I do. I conjecture that most informed and sensible men couldn’t stomach voting for either Obama or Romney, and knew that no other vote mattered. So, they left the election up to the idiots of America who actually embraced the political pulp of the candidates.

Well. Just how much sense can those non-voters possibly have? Do they lack sense because of stupidity? Or irresponsibility?

Does it makes any difference?

I have concluded that the time has come to deny both procreation and suffrage to the stupid and irresponsible.

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