SLUTS give birth to 40% of US babies – NEW PLAN FOR CIVILIZATION

Children thrive best in loving, MONOGAMOUS families. But the CDC report mentioned in the above linked article points out that SLUTS (unmarried, mostly teenage, females) gave birth to nearly 41% of America’s babies last year.

Yeah, you guessed it. This is NOT a namby-pamby politically-correct commentary. This is a blade of steel in the sloven, obese gut of a corrupt and reprobate American society.

If that statistic doesn’t stick enough in your craw, get this. The US has a FERTILITY RATE of only 1.9%, but America requires 2.1% to replenish the population. US Asian and White fertility rate has dropped so low (under 1.8%) as to cause the Asian and white population to breed itself out of existence.

Well, fortunately, the US will import more Asians through immigration. But apparently, whites prefer to stay home in Australia, the UK, and Europe.

In any case, Whites have dropped below 72% of the population and the non-white birth rate has exceeded its immigration rate, with whites contributing less than 50% of the new babies. In a few years whites will become the minority race.

Unfortunately for welfare and other entitlement recipients, the bulk of America’s taxes come from middle class and affluent whites. So, the future does not look good for the socialists who increasingly dominate both the Democrat and Republican parties. For, when the whites go, WHO will remain to pay all the taxes needed for the 47 million food stamp recipients and countless others on the dole?

Don’t think of this as a startling, new problem. Governments of Europe and Scandinavia have had the bejeezis scared out of them over the same dilemma. Whites there don’t procreate enough to sustain their gene pool, welfare bounds ever higher to non-white, mostly Islamic, immigrants, governments import ever more non-whites from Asia, the Mid East, and Africa, and governments have grown desperate from watching tax revenues plummet.

Obviously, US and European political candidates cease to demonstrate any salient differences between one another, for all embrace some form of socialism to supply milk to the gigantic welfare titties from which the populace sucks with rapacious, greedy, incessant, insatiable, remorseless, irresponsible hunger.

This might bother you some. It used to bother me. It bothers me far less the older I get because I know I won’t stick around long to see the hammer fall to ignite the cannons of impending disaster. If it keeps up, American civilization is DOOMED.

But don’t worry, Chinese civilization will overtake it before long and turn Americans ever more into their serfs or slaves. You have heard about the Chinese buying up masses of real estate loans, land, and businesses in the USA, haven’t you? You have heard about the Sinitic metamorphosis of American Corporations, haven’t you? You know, the recent ebullient statement from the CEO of General Motors, now in partnership with China’s government, that GM manufactures 72% of its American Automobiles outside the USA? And of course you know of the massive technology transfer to the Chinese in recent years – HIGH technology that gives America its only opportunity to remain competitive in the future.

Yes, Erstwhile Patriots, the hammer inexorably reaches its falling point.

Of course, that doesn’t have to happen, and it won’t if the actual smart people of America embrace Bob Hurt’s American Civilization Rehabilitation Plan.

Here it is in a nutshell.

1. Put fecund women back home where they belong by outlawing equal pay for them, and in fact mandating for them ½ the pay men get for the same job and highly taxing those who don’t have children or don’t stay home to care for them. That will make men more valuable to employers and they will start earning a wage the whole family can live on, like in the good old days.

2. Sterilize all unmarried people, some temporarily and others permanently. Permanently sterilize the insane, violent felons, homosexuals, the hopelessly stupid (IQ below 90), and those who remain on welfare more than 2 years. That will bring procreation by sluts to a screeching halt and raise the average IQ to 115 within 75 years, with an associated dramatic increase in the average value of productivity.

3. Encourage all married couples of average and high IQ to procreate 6 to 20 children – highly tax fecund single people, give incentives to married couples including free education to PhD for the able, etc. This will more dramatically increase the average IQ.

4. Excise the bar and its members from government altogether, and remove regulation of the practice of law to the Executive Branch. This will eliminate the judicial oligarchy and prevent attorneys from corrupting both the law and government as they have for decades.

5. Require a balanced budget in every state and in the federal government, replace the income tax with a value added tax, put a whopping tax on oil exports, and mandate use of water fracturing technology for producing on-demand HHO gas for fuel/electricity production. This will terminate the strangle hold of the foreign and domestic energy companies on the US and state governments, and on US consumers.

6. Eliminate all government and corporation lobbying and campaign financing of elected and appointed officials and require legislators to give interviews to individual constituents only, by lottery, and require all electors and candidates for election and appointment to pass a competency test on the US and state constitutions, and deny suffrage to the insane, violent felons, welfare recipients, indigents, people under 25, aliens, and people with IQ below 90, and enact laws that penalize loyalty oath violations. This will dramatically increase honesty and compliance with law and government ideals by government employees.

7. Eliminate private ownership of banks and tax exemption for banks, nationalize natural resources (but allow private contracting of mining and refinement), hand lending over to the federal and state governments, with interest replacing taxation, repudiate all government debts to all banks, stop foreign aid and free government welfare, require welfare recipients to work 4 hours a day for the common good, and reestablish a hard money system. This will restore value to US dollars and eliminate the stranglehold international financiers and banks have on the US Government and America’s natural resources.

8. Add a 4th branch of government – the inform and advise branch. This branch finds and prosecutes government criminals, sues government for its abuses, initiates impeachment proceedings, guarantees candidates and electors meet qualifications for voting and holding office, and informs the public about candidate history and likelihood of doing a proper, competent job. It also evaluates legislation and court rulings, and advises other branches on optimum courses of action, and informs the public of non-optimum activities in those branches. This will add the missing integrity and controls into state and federal governments, and it will further increase honesty and transparency of government.

9. Eliminate the power of the President to wage a war or police action without a formal congressional identification of the enemy and declaration of war against that enemy with only goal of absolute extermination or surrender of the enemy and capture of the enemy’s resources by the US Government to compensate the people of the US for the cost of the conflict. Hand in glove with this, Congress must hold host countries for all so called terrorist activity both militarily and financially responsible for the effect of that activity on the people of the USA, even to the point of seizing all financial assets of the host nation and ignoring its national sovereignty. This will bring a screeching halt to most Islamic terrorism and aggression by associated dictators.

10. Formalize and simplify the manner in which foreign nations can petition for membership in and join the American federation as citizen “states”, providing a step by step plan for reformation of the government, banking, and limited suffrage as a limited constitutional republic. This will put pressure on the world’s dictatorships to become American in nature and eventually eliminate wars.

Yes, this will require changes to the constitutions, and it will make the hordes of dependent people in the US have to swallow a bitter pill of self-reliance and mollify of donors to local charity by “deserving” the charity received.

If you consider the above plan unfair, you need to take another look at your own personal ethics. The plan IS imminently fair, as it SHOULD BE. So-called fairness to inferior, defective people and to business and government thugs, constitutes “SLAVERY” for everyone else. And fairness to SLUTS (unmarried women and children who procreate without an actual husband) constitutes unfairness to everyone else, especially the helpless babies who grow up without a father.

If you don’t quite get this plan, stop and think about the absolute insanity of the recent financial crisis. It happened because so many adults stupidly borrowed money they could not pay back. That condition came about as a consequence of the enormous intelligence gulf between the smart and the stupid in the USA. The smart have little better to do than to dream up schemes for bilking and enslaving the stupid. And many relatively smart people behaved irresponsibly and got punished by the crisis as well. History has proven no amount of protective legislation over the past hundred and something years (beginning with the civil rights act of 1874) can keep up with the clever inventiveness of the smart as the stupid proliferate through immigration and unchecked, irresponsible procreation.

NEW fairness to children absolutely demands that women stay home and act like responsible mothers and wives, as nature obviously intended. Women and men need to enjoy their differences from one another and CAPITALIZE on them as a family TEAM, not as competitors in the workplace. They need to sacrifice their lust for an inordinately high, decadent standard of living to the proper rearing, nurturing, educating, and training of children so those children will become smart, savvy, competent adults who play sensible roles in civilization-building. That fairness to children DEMANDS that their procreators have reasonable intelligence and the ability to support them during the rearing process.

Fairness to children and civilization DEMANDS that Parents should not be so stupid that they cannot even graduate from our dumbed down high schools, manage their own lives prudently, or make sensible choices in mating and at the polls. America contains upwards of 80 MILLION of such bozos right now. They impose profound penalties on society in terms of low-value productivity, crime, welfare abuse, healthcare abuse, criminal justice system abuse, education system abuse, and electoral abuse. If present generations breed them out of existence, future society will become liberated from their burden for the first time since the early colonial days in America, before slavery became a serious problem. And then society can spend the saved resources on increasing support of the smart and gifted who will become new leaders in academia, business, the arts, sciences, and government. That will give America an unheard of competitive edge in the world economy.

America NEEDS the above changes for the benefit of civilization. We have to stop catering to wimpy politically-correct namby-pamby limp-wristed panty-waist dilettante socialist socialites and ne’er-do-wells. We have to stop putting Bozos and Charlatans on the bridge, at the helm, and on the throttle of the ships of family and state. The sensible Citizenry needs to take on an iron-willed, steely eyed determination and unbending resolve to replace suicidal civilizational insanity with wholesome civilizational principles that sane, informed, and intelligent Americans have craved for the past hundred-something years.

My plan guides them in doing precisely that. Start on my plan now in your community by initiating programs to stop the impregnation of and by sluts and bozos. It’s the right thing to do.



WARNING: I do NOT function as law practitioner, lawyer, licensed attorney-at-law, or legal advisor. Construe my comments ONLY as speculation or general information, and NOT as legal advice for you or anyone else. Consult a well-qualified attorney (good luck finding one) in all questions of legality or law.

Bob Hurt

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