Gerp Awareness Code – How to Deal with Government Perpetrators of Crime


  1. Meanings:
  1. Gerp means Government Employee Perpetrator of a Crime or Malfeasance of omission or commission. They give good government a bad name.
  2. Gerpness means one or more acts of crime or malfeasance perpetrated by a Gerp under color of law.
  3. Gerpish means tendency to behave like a Gerp, committing criminal behavior or malfeasance while a Government employee.
  4. Gerpitude means the Gerpish character or nature of a Gerp.
  5. Gerpdom means any pervasion or culture of Gerpness by two or more Gerps.
  6. Gerpectomy means the excision of Gerpness from a Gerp.
  7. Gerpotomy means the separation of a Gerp from Government.
  1. A Gerp and the Gerp’s enablers/supporters constitute an oligarchy that commits crimes/malfeasance under color of law (masquerading as lawful acts). Such an oligarchy has no constitutional or legal basis for its existence, and each of the Gerp’s acts or omissions that constitute crime or malfeasance betrays the oaths to support the constitutions, and operates as treason against those constitutions, lawful government, and the People.
  2. The People yield a measure of their sovereignty to Government only for the lawful/constitutional purposes of Government. They do not yield sovereignty to Gerps for the purpose of engaging in crimes or malfeasance under color of law.
  3. Government employees must abide by their oaths to support, protect, and defend the constitutions, and must NOT obey unlawful orders or enforce unconstitutional laws.
  4. Each Government employee must discriminate between lawful/constitutional and unlawful/unconstitutional laws/orders in each instance of a law or order.
  5. Government and its employees have the obligation/duty to excise Gerps, criminal behavior, and malfeasance from Government.
  6. The governed, who suffer or observe some abuse from Gerps ought to try to achieve peaceful redress by every means possible before engaging in use of physical force, violence, insurrection, or rebellion to excise the Gerps from Government and bring them to justice.
  7. A huge gulf exists between excising a Gerp from government (justified) and rebelling against government in general (unjustified). So, Citizens should discriminate between bad government and Gerps who give government a bad name through their crimes and malfeasance.
  8. Citizens who suffer direct and palpable abuse from a Government employee might actually deserve the abuse, and often only a court of justice can sort it out. But, in many cases where a Citizen gets accused of a crime, the “system” pressures the Citizen to accept a plea-bargain-conviction rather than risk many years in prison, and that pressure has an unjust nature.
  9. Citizens should proceed in the following order to effect a Gerpectomy, then Gerpotomy – personal communication to the Gerp, Gerp’s family, Gerp’s friends and club members, Gerp’s professional colleagues, Gerp’s fellow workers, Gerp’s employer, appointed/elected officers, private investigator and news media, internal affairs/regulatory agency, administrative court, judicial court, law enforcers, prosecutors, grand jury, electors (campaigning), all citizens (rally, street demonstration), any other viable Choice the Citizen can contemplate, afford, and deem honorable and expedient.
  10. Citizens risk injury (loss of life, limb, health, property, family, employment) by informing a Gerp of the intention to bring the Gerp to bay or to justice for the Gerp’s crimes or malfeasance. Gerps often protect themselves through violent retribution against such Citizens and their families and supporters. One must carefully weigh the risks before informing the Gerp or the Gerp’s seniors or associates of the Gerp’s crimes and malfeasane.
  11. Courts and prosecutors tend to believe Gerps over Citizens.
  12. News Media outlets tend NOT to report Gerp crimes and malfeasance, particularly if the Gerp functions as a judge or prosecutor.
  13. A Gerp, by engaging in criminal behavior or other malfeasance under color of law, virtually begs, thereby, for his own summary excision from government or the planet by any expedient means that the Constitution does not prohibit, particularly in view of the danger to the Citizen of bringing the matter to public attention non-anonymously.
  14. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Typical Gerps commit a variety of crimes and develop patterns of criminal behavior and malfeasance. Therefore, Citizens should pool their resources to hire private investigator(s) to dig into the financial and other affairs of real or suspected Gerps.
  15. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” Citizens should try to expose Gerp crimes and malfeasance through blogs, news media, flyers, etc.
  16. Citizens should not resort to physical force or violence against the Gerp except as a last resort after all other practical means have failed repeatedly, for it nearly always risks the following:
    1. It might have an unjust nature because of misunderstanding of facts and law;
    2. It might not work to stop the Gerp’s crimes/malfeasance;
    3. It nearly always puts the Citizen and the Citizen’s family in trouble with the Government, at great risk of consequential personal loss.
  17. A person injured by a Gerp under color of law has no moral obligation to heed any law against Citizen retribution against or excision of the Gerp.
  18. Citizens who fail to take determined, lawful action to excise Gerpness and Gerps from Government invite the trouble that Gerps mete out to them.
  19. Reason, logic, and common sense should dictate how to deal with a Gerp and Gerpness. One should always “Do the right thing” under the circumstances. “Sincerity is the key to the kingdom of heaven.”

If You Believe You Have Witnessed Tyranny…

  1. Write a paragraph summarizing each act of tyranny
  2. For each such act list the points of the act that constituted tyranny and show or explain how you came to that conclusion.
  3. For each such act, list the laws that prohibited the act or made it a crime or unethical act.
  4. For each such act cite the behaviors of the victim that might have provoked it.
  5. For each such act cite what you or others could have done to prevent the tyranny from occurring.
  6. For each unjustified act of tyranny, list the persons with phone, email, mail address you could contact to make the tyranny stop or bring the Gerp to justice.
  7. Write up your observation as an affidavit and prepare formal complaints appropriate to each person on the above lists.
  8. Distribute the complaints with a cover letter demanding relief and remedy, in accordance with the Gerp Awareness Code.
  9. Form a Political Action Committee to devise viable solutions that leave you alive, solvent, free, and in good heallth.

Author: bobhurt


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