Hey, Baby, How About A Date?

Copyright © 13 January 2012 by Bob Hurt. All Rights Reserved.

Yesterday I received 11 pounds of Medjool dates from my little sister.

Just LOOK at those urgently tumescent, thick, sumptuous, meaty, succulent, delectable delights!


This morning I plucked out the seed, and packed the date with cream cheese

Then I slid a lime chipotle roasted almond in the center of the goo. Wanna see? Okay…


First, I assembled the ingredients




I cut the top off the date and plucked out the seed.



I packed the date body cavity with cream cheese.




I stuck a lime chipotle roasted almond into the cream cheese core.




I pushed the almond way down deep and set the top back onto the date.





I pressed the top in place and surveyed my work.

Culinary perfection – Drool for the ‘Djool.


I took a couple of mousey bites to savor the flavor.

Finally, I crunched through the date meat and into the nut.

A cacophony of exotic flavors swirled on my tongue, medleyed in my mouth.

All that soft creamy goo, that noisy nut, that thick, rich, honey-like meat… oh, yeah.

Oral Orgasm. Something to moan about. Something to write home about.

Well, maybe not. But I know you’d have loved it.

I certainly did…

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Bob Hurt

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