A Supertonic for the Winter Seasons

By Bob Hurt 14 January 2012


Yesterday I made a jug of supertonic mash and set it aside to cure for a few days. I thought I’d write and explain it for you. You might find it useful.

I found out about the supertonic from reading herbalist Dr. John Christopher’s work, and first tried it out about 10 or 15 years ago at my friend Ron Radstrom’s workshop at Southern Botanicals, 611d South Myrtle, Clearwater, Florida.

Supertonic tastes good, and it’s good for you. It contains vegetables and vinegar. It can keep you healthy by boosting your immune function and alkalizing your body, important during colds and flu. Supertonic has a reputation of warding off plague. It also acts as a vaso-dilator to bring a person out of shock.

I make it myself at home in my Vitamix blender, then use the supertonic and remaining pulp till gone, then I make another batch.


  1. Equipment
    1. Cutting board
    2. Sharp knife
    3. Rubbery spatula
    4. Quart or half-gallon glass jar. I sometimes use plastic.
    5. Pint Jar
    6. Pint bottle (okay to use left over vinegar bottle)
    7. 2-ounce bottle with eye dropper
    8. Fine mesh nylon knit bag or lady’s nylon stocking
    9. Vitamix or other high speed blender
    10. Quart bowl
  2. Ingredients – raw, fresh, organic
    1. 1 pint Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
    2. 1 medium white (Bermuda) onion
    3. 5 fat cloves garlic
    4. 3 habanero peppers
    5. 4-inch stalk of horseradish root 2″ thick
    6. 4-inch stalk of ginger root
    7. 10-inch stalk of burdock root 1″ thick
    8. Extra virgin Olive, or other good quality, palatable oil
  3. Process
    1. Start on New Moon
    2. Scrub root vegetables to remove all dirt
    3. Rinse pepper
    4. Peel and cut into chunks: onion and garlic
    5. Slice all root vegetables into 1/8″ cross sections – you do this to keep from overworking the blender
      1. Variation: salt fermentation
      2. Finely chop all solid ingredients by hand, or in blender or food processor
      3. Toss chopped ingredients thoroughly with 1 tsp salt
      4. Put salted dry ingredients into a half gallon jar
      5. Screw lid on jar but do not tighten, or cover jar with cheese cloth and rubber band
      6. Allow ingredients to ferment for 7 to 10 days, shaking them or stirring daily
    6. Put solid ingredients into blender
    7. Pour the vinegar into the blender
    8. Puree at high speed for three minutes
    9. Pour resulting mash into washed, clean quart or half gallon jar
    10. Put lid on jar and store away from sunlight
    11. Let sit till full moon in cool dark place, shaking it daily
    12. Pour mash into nylon bag or stocking
    13. Gently work the bag by squeezing the pulp to extract the supertonic juice into the bowl.
    14. Pour supertonic juice into the vinegar bottle, and Mark it SUPERTONIC, with the date.
    15. From that supertonic bottle, fill the 2-ounce dropper bottle.
    16. Store the SUPERTONIC bottles in cool, dark place.
    17. Put the pulp in the bowl, add olive oil and salt, and stir into a paste.
    18. Put the pulp into a jar and label it KAPOW with the date.
    19. Refrigerate the Kapow.
  4. Usage
    1. Supertonic
      1. Put 2 dropperfuls under the tongue daily as a tonic.
      2. Two tablespoons a day, swish in mouth and swallow, for general health
      3. Put 1 dropperful under the tongue every hour during colds, flu
      4. Salad dressing – mix 1 ounce supertonic with salt to taste, mix in herbs of choice, then add salad oil of choice
    2. Kapow
      1. Use as garnish for meat and vegetable dishes
      2. Use on sandwiches as a spread for flavor and nutrition




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