Welcome to Habanero Hell

(seems like Heaven to me)

posted by Bob Hurt

In summer 2006 the habanero seeds I planted in 2004 had grown to 7 feet tall, laden with these gorgeous FIRE ENGINE RED habanero peppers

From a distance, the pepper bushes looked like Christmas trees with ornaments. 

As the peppers ripened, every three or four days I picked the ripest.  Each batch weighed over a pound.


Some I fermented with 3% salt to make pepper mash perfect for hot sauce.


Some I ran through my juicer after removing the seeds.


Then I blended the pulp it with garlic, olive oil, and salt to make a KILLER habanero-garlic chutney…


It made garnished food taste hot and garlic-ish.  It would have scared off vampires.  I loved it so much I hoarded it.


And I added it to South African sourdough and made delicious, scorching loaves.  

These became a hit at the local pepper festival.  

Vendors there could SMELL the habanero heat in them.


I never believed the old wive’s tale that eating habaneros makes your beard grow, but…


I thought you might enjoy a little visit to my Habanero Hell.  Bwaaahahahahaha.


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