How to Rebuild America from the Ground Up

We have to start a nationwide, worldwide push to go out 2×2 and minister to the families in our neighborhoods, starting with those on our block.  That means we go in and find out how they’re doing by asking them this one simple question:

“What troubles or difficulties do you have with your (home, family, kids, work, house, neighbors, government, church, finances).” 

Then ask if they’d like some help or counsel with those difficulties.  Many will lie “Everything’s just fine”  If so, I hand them a card with the following words on it from L. Ron Hubbard’s Awareness Characteristics, point to the bottom and say start at the bottom and look at each word going up, and tell me the first one you see one that reminds you of what’s going on in your life.  It will dawn on them that their life needs some help. 

When they tell me one I ask for an explanation of how it reminds them of something going on in their lives.  And they open Pandora’s Box and give me a peek into the hell of their lives.

I have a general patter I use to bring people up the awareness scale till they feel bright as much as they can.  I mock up the emotional tones associated with the characteristic right above the one they mention, and talk them up to the next condition.


Awareness Characteristics

Total Freedom
21 Source
20 Existence
19 Conditions
18 Realization
17 Clearing
16 Purposes
15 Ability
14 Correction
13 Result
12 Production
11 Activity
10 Prediction
9 Body
8 Adjustment
7 Energy
6 Enlightenment
5 Understanding
4 Orientation
3 Perception
2 Communication
1 Recognition
-1 Help
-2 Hope
-3 Demand for Improvement
-4 Need of Change
-5 Fear of Worsening
-6 Effect
-7 Ruin
-8 Despair
-9 Suffering
-10 Numbness
-11 Introversion
-12 Disaster
-13 Inactuality
-14 Delusion
-15 Hysteria
-16 Shock
-17 Catatonia
-18 Oblivion
-19 Detachment
-20 Duality
-21 Secrecy
-22 Hallucination
-23 Sadism
-24 Masochism
-25 Elation
-26 Glee
-27 Fixidity
-28 Erosion
-29 Dispersal
-30 Disassociation
-31 Criminality
-32 Uncausing
-33 Disconnection
-34 Unexistence


After I finish with a cycle to the point that the person feels brighter and willing to ask for help, I tell them improvement,  change, and help have become possible, if they can come to a get together with neighbors to deal with problems we have in common.

At these meetings we discuss problems and solutions, and set up projects where we gather at each other’s home and help one another as teams.  I evolve that into becoming court watchers and attending city council, county commission, and legislator meetings, encouraging political activism.

Meanwhile, we work together to encourage one another in our moral, ethical, and legal dilemmas, and start a law study workshop one or two days a month where we learn the ideals of good government, how the courts work, the court rules, and principles of litigation.

What does this accomplish?

It strengthens families and rebuilds neighborhoods, teaching people that caring about neighbors and letting them peek into our own family lives does not put us in danger, but instead makes us stronger individually, as families, and as a community.

We find out who has leadership skills, common sense, and good knowledge of government ideals and history, and we support those neighbors in running for office.  Eventually we replace bad politicians with good ones.

That’s my general  plan.  That’s what we must do all over America and the world, Larry.  

Spread this plan far and wide. Implement it immediately in your family and community.


Bob Hurt


2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, FL 33763

(727) 669-5511
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Author: Bob Hurt

See Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

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